Maureen Clerc

Research interests

I am currently interested in

This leads me to study :

Inverse problems...

Estimating information from partial measurements, while using as much a priori information as available.
  • Estimating Deformations of Stationary Processes
  • Source Regularization for the MEEG inverse problem

Signal processing with wavelets...

Using time-frequency or space-scale representations to uncover hidden information from signals or images.
  • Solving Shape from Texture in monocular images
  • Single-trial biosignal analysis with Consensus Matching Pursuit

Numerical simulation...

Modeling relevant physical phenomena and simulating them with as much accuracy as possible, with an emphasis on model calibration.
  • The Symmetric Boundary Element Method for electrostatics, and the Fast Multipole Method
  • Conductivity sensitivity analysis and calibration
  • An opensource library of forward and inverse problems for bioelectromagnetism: OpenMEEG

For further information, please contact Maureen.Clerc[AT]