10. slide

10. slide


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10.1 Configuration
10.2 Slide
10.3 Animations
10.4 Misc
10.5 Document-slides


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slide -- Scribe slides style
10.1 Configuration

*scribe-slide-numbering*Scribe variable

Control whenever Scribe must emit slide numbers.

*scribe-slide-advi*Scribe variable

Control whenever Scribe emit TeX sources for the Advi previewer.

*scribe-slide-advi-scale*Scribe variable

The Advi image scale.

10.2 Slide

(slide :title [:number *scribe-slide-numbering*] [:vspace #f] . body)Scribe function

The slide markup creates a new slide.

:titleThe title of the slide.
:numberingControls the slide is numbered.
:vspaceVertical space to be inserted before the slide body.
bodyThe body of the slide.

10.3 Animations

Some Slide previewers (e.g., MagicPoint, Advi) support animations. These are made available to Scribe by the means of the functions described in this section. Using these functions with a back-end that does not support animations has no effect.

(%pause)Scribe function

Blocks the slide rendering until the a key is pressed.

(%embed [:geometry-opt "-geometry"] [:geometry #f] [:rgeometry #f] [:transient #f] [:transient-opt #f] cmd)Scribe function

Runs an external application.

cmdThe command to be executed (with its options).
:geometryThe absolute geometry of the application.
:rgeometryThe relative geometry of the application. This is translated by Scribe to fit the slide.
:geometry-optThe command line option name used to pass a geometry (when specified with (code ":geometry") or (code ":rgeometry")) to the external application.
:transientA boolean controlling whenever the application possesses its own window.
:transient-optThe command line option name used to enable the transient mode of the application

(%scroll [:direction 'right] body)Scribe function

Scroll the body.

:directionThe direction of the scroll (may be either left or right).
bodyThe text to be scrolled.

(%record :tag [:play #t] body)Scribe function

This command computes the body and records its output bound to the tag tag. The output is display during recording unless the optional parameter play is set to #f. Embedded recordings are prohibited.

(%play :tag [:color #f])Scribe function

Replays the command previously recorded as tag. The optional argument color changes the color during replay.

(%play* [:color #f] [:scolor #f] . tags)Scribe function

Replays the commands previously recorded as tags. The optional argument color changes the color during replay. The replay stops after each tag has been replayed. The optional argument scolor specifies the color of the tags already replayed.

(%record :label 'foo "foo")
(%record :label 'bar "bar")
(%record :label 'gee "gee")
(%play* :color "#ff0000" :scolor "#00ff00" 'foo 'bar 'gee)

10.4 Misc

(%vspace [:unit "cm"] val)Scribe function

Introduce an vertical space in the slide.

10.5 Document-slides

(document-slides doc)Scribe function

Returns the list of slides defined in a document.

docThe document containing the slides.

(slide-title slide)Scribe function
(slide-number slide)Scribe function
(slide-body slide)Scribe function

These three functions returns respectively the title, the number, and the body of a slide.

slideThe target slide.

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