CELIA3D  1.0
Fluid-structure interaction using cut-cells
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Vertex Class Reference

Vertex class. More...

#include <solide.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 Vertex ()
 Default constructor. More...
 Vertex (const Point_3 p, std::vector< int > &parts)
 Constructor overload. More...
Vertexoperator= (const Vertex &V)
 operator = overload. More...
int size ()

Data Fields

Point_3 pos
 Vertex coordinates. More...
int num
 Index of the vertex in the construction mesh. More...
std::vector< int > particules
 List of particles sharing the vertex. More...

Detailed Description

Vertex class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Vertex::Vertex ( )

Default constructor.

Vertex::Vertex ( const Point_3  p,
std::vector< int > &  parts 

Constructor overload.

pVertex coordinates
partsVector of the particles sharing vertex p

Member Function Documentation

Vertex & Vertex::operator= ( const Vertex V)

operator = overload.

int Vertex::size ( )

Field Documentation

int Vertex::num

Index of the vertex in the construction mesh.

std::vector<int> Vertex::particules

List of particles sharing the vertex.

Point_3 Vertex::pos

Vertex coordinates.

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