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Distributed Optimization and Games, 2014-2015

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to techniques for distributed optimization in networks, also in the case when agents have different and conflicting utilities.


You can freely use the slides below for your presentations, but I would like to be informed and please acknowledge the source in your presentation. Any comment is welcome.



Each student has been assigned a research paper on January 23rd (list below). The final exam task is to explain the paper putting it in the framework of what we have learned during our course. In particular each student will have to The exam will be hold on Wednesday February 11th at Inria in room Lagrange gris (last floor of Lagrange building) from 9.30 until 13.00 (Tuholokova, Sirenko, Scheller, Mahfoudi), and from 14.00 until 18.00 (Taddei, Taouab, Cantore, Livi, Ismaeil). List of assigned papers:

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