List of accepted papers

ECAI'02 OLT Workshop






How far Association Rules and Statistical Indices help Structure Terminology?

-Hacène Cherfi
-Yannick Toussaint
Mapping Syntactic Dependencies onto Semantic Relations

-Pablo Gamallo
-Marco Gonzalez
-Alexandre Agustini
-Gabriel Lopes
-Vera Lima

Ontology Evolution by Text Understanding

-Udo Hahn
-Kornél G. Marko

Automatic Acquisition of Hyponyms and Meronyms from Question Corpora

Häkan Sundblad

Terminology Extraction from Text to Build an Ontology in Surgical Intensive Care

-Sophie Le Moigno
-Jean Charlet
-Didier Bourigault
-Patrice Degoulet
-Marie-Christine Jaulent

A Galois Lattice based Approach to Lexical Inheritance Hierarchy Learning

Caroline Sporleder

Combining Disambiguation Techniques to Enrich and Ontology

Mark Stevenson
Information Extraction and Ontology Learning Guided by Web Directory

-Martin Kavalec
-Vojtèch Svàtek

A Differential Approach for Knowledge Management

Bernard Rothenburger


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Sophie Honnorat