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Safe P2P-based REliable Architecture for Data Storage


The goal of this project is to study and design a highly dynamic secure P2P storage systems on large scale networks like the internet. Compared to other popular peer-to-peer data sharing systems, a reliable storage system has a different set of functional constraints: First it must ensure reliability, which means that the system must be self-organized to guarantee that the data will never get lost (in peeer-to-peer data sharing systems, the pereniality of the data in the system is due to their popularity among other peers). Second, it must ensure confidentiality which means that nobody except the data owner should be able to retrieve the data.

The scientific program covered by this project is mainly the design of new mathematical safety, security and performance models, secure patterns, simulation to evaluate the quality of service of a peer-to-peer storage system in the context of a dynamic large scale network. These models and simulations will eventually be corroborated by experimentation on the Grid 5000 and Grid eXplorer platforms.

Studied Problems

  • Specification and formal verification of the communications and distributed protocols
  • Optimisation of data placement
  • Securisation of protocols
  • Handling protected data
  • Enforcement and verification of self-organized data storage functions
  • Multiple writer system
  • Ensure Correting Codes DHT
  • Simulation of very large distributed systems



Funding from the French National Research Agency (ANR) with an additional sponsorship from the SCS pole of competitivity.


The project duration is 36 months (January 2008 — December 2010), which were divided in four Work Packages:

  • WP1 - Analysis (7 months)
  • WP2 - Development (12 months)
  • WP3 - Implementation, Simulations and Validation (12 months)
  • WP4 - Experimentations (5 months)



[December 17, 2007] Intech’Sophia Seminar on Peer-to-Peer: Presentation of the UbiquitousStorage System

[January 23–25, 2008] Kick-off meeting