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Welcome to Youssef Mesri's home page

I am a PhD student in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) at the INRIA Sophia Antipolis, in the SMASH team. My main areas of research are mesh adaptation for anisotopic phenomena (chocs and boundary layers), design of optimal form and mesh partitioning in heterogeneous architecure specially: the Grids. More details can be found in the research section.

Topics corresponding to my research are the following:

  • Grid computing
  • Mesh Partitioning
  • Performance study
  • Large scale CFD applications
  • Multigrid algorithms
  • Unstructured mesh adaptation
  • Metrics based geometric characteristics
  • Metrics based a priori/posteriori error estimate
  • Mesh quality
  • Design of optimal form in aerodynamics

This work is funded by industrial collaborators: Dassault-Aviation and HISAC the european highspeed aircraft project. Additional collaborators are at CEMEF (Ecole Des Mines de Paris) , and at INRIA ( Tropics and Gamma projects ).

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