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Montserrat Argente

Numerical Flow Models for Controlled Fusion

16-20 April 2007

Porquerolles, France

    Scope of the Conference

    Controlled fusion is nowadays a hot topic with the launching of machines as ITER or the Mega Joule Laser. The design and control of these machines require to solve extremely complex numerical problems in fluid dynamics. The aim of the conference will be to bring together physicists, applied mathematicians and specialists of computer sciences to review the main flow models used for controlled fusion and to provide a discussion forum covering all area of computational fluid dynamics related to this topic. Beside computational modeling of plasma physics, the conference will also consider flow problems for wall cooling or safety analysis of fusion reactors. The following main topics are included :

      * Computational modeling in plasma physics ;
      * Advanced multi-physics computational methods ;
      * Magneto-hydro-dynamics ;
      * Kinetic and flow models ;
      * Thermo-hydraulics of fusion reactors ;
      * Safety analysis of fusion reactors ;
      * Hydrogen and dust explosions.

    Contributions to any of the topics mentioned above are welcome. Authors are invited to submit a one-page abstract by e-mail to
    no later than February 16, 2007 .
    The scientific committee will select the contributions on the basis of the submitted abstracts. Authors will be notified of acceptance by March 9, 2007.
    The most interesting contributions will be published after the conference in a special issue of an international journal following a standard reviewing process.

    This conference is supported by Conseil Régional PACA