Prosit: A sequential and distributed framework for Object-Oriented discrete event simulation


Prosit is new Object-Oriented framework for discrete event simulation currently in development in our team. With Prosit, the simulationist builds his model using dedicated class libraries and user-defined classes. Without code modification, the simulation can be executed in a sequential or distributed (in both optimistic and conservative variants) way. With techniques such as reification (reification transforms a call issued to an object into an object itself), we do not only use the Object-Oriented features (overloading, inheritance, etc.) to build Prosit but we also use the mechanisms supporting the Object-Oriented paradigm.

Prosit will be used as the simulation engine for the European project HIPERTRANS (DG VII Transport program), devoted to high performance simulation of road traffic.

Prosit is not a stand alone simulator, it also uses a statistical package and a graphical animation one.

  • The Prosit development team is composed of:
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