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The C++// language (pronounce "C++ parallel") has been designed and implemented with the aim of importing reusability into parallel and concurrent programming, in the framework of a MIMD model. C++// defines a comprehensive and versatile set of libraries using a small set of simple primitives, without extending the syntax of C++. These libraries are themselves extensible by end-users, making C++// an open system.

C++// is implemented on top of the Globus library. C++ standard code can be easily turned into metacomputing code, and run on WAN, around the world

This work is part from the Europa Project, a group working on potential standards for parallel C++ programming.


This example was developed using GTk Graphic Toolkit and Rendering classes develop for Proactive Java.

This example is still under development and should be updated soon with performance figure.


To learn more about C++//, you can read :

The C++// system (310 Ko pdf file)
D. Caromel, F. Belloncle and Y. Roudier
in Parallel Programming Using C++, G. Wilson and P. Lu editors, MIT Press, 1996, ISBN 0-262-73118-5


The first beta version is available. Just fill the form to access the downloading page
Current beta is available for Linux (using glibc 2.0), Solaris, Irix 6.4 and Dec alpha 4.0d.

Please have a look at the copyright notice.

A new released is on the way, using Globus toolkit. This version adds support for metacomputing.


If you want more information about C++, you should read :
  • The current public draft for C++
  • the C++ Virtual Library

    Currently, we have two implementations of C++//. One is based on the Schooner library and the other on the Nexus library.

    Finally, we would like to thanks people at Edison design Group for providing us with the C++ preprocessor.


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