Thin Structures in Image Based Rendering
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Thin Structures in Image Based Rendering

Computer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of the Eurographics Symposium on Rendering), Volume 37, Number 4, page 12 - 2018
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We propose a novel method to handle thin structures in Image-Based Rendering (IBR), and specifically structures supported by simple geometric shapes such as planes, cylinders, etc. These structures, e.g. railings, fences, oven grills etc, are present in many man-made environments and are extremely challenging for multi-view 3D reconstruction, representing a major limitation of existing IBR methods. Our key insight is to exploit multi-view information. After a handful of user clicks to specify the supporting geometry, we compute multi-view and multi-layer alpha mattes to extract the thin structures. We use two multi-view terms in a graph-cut segmentation, the first based on multi-view foreground color prediction and the second ensuring multiview consistency of labels. Occlusion of the background can challenge reprojection error calculation and we use multiview median images and variance, with multiple layers of thin structures. Our end-to-end solution uses the multi-layer segmentation to create per-view mattes and the median colors and variance to create a clean background. We introduce a new multi-pass IBR algorithm based on depth-peeling to allow free-viewpoint navigation of multi-layer semi-transparent thin structures. Our results show significant improvement in rendering quality for thin structures compared to previous image-based rendering solutions.

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Acknowledgements and Funding

This research was partially funded by the doctoral fellowship of the Region Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur, ANR project SEMAPOLIS (ANR-13-CORD-0003), the EU Horizon 2020 grant No. 727188 EMOTIVE,, and by generous donations from Technicolor and Adobe. The authors thank P. Hedman for his Soft3D implementation, J. Philip for mesh alignment code and S. Rodriguez for his precious help finalizing the paper.


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