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Welcome to the new ETISEO site!

ETISEO is a Video Understanding Evaluation project which ended successfully in december 2006. Together with the video corpus, which cover the most important applications in real contexts, are a wealth of data and tools:

  • Ground truth data for all the video sequences, created manually including camera calibration information
  • definition of the evaluation metrics
  • automatic evaluation tools
  • visualization tools

It has been felt during the project that these resources are of substantial values to the development and improvement of video understanding algorithms. Therefore, with the agreement of the partners, we have decided to make all the resources public to benefit the research community, the first of its kind!

The data is hosted by INRIA Sophia Antipolis and will be permanent. As a first step, it will be available to all the partners and participants of the project. Other interested parties, from the research community and for non-commercial use, are also welcome. Case-by-case approval will apply.

By making public the data and resources, we also want get more feedback to further improve different aspects of video understanding evaluation. ETISEO-II is under discussion.

This project is part of the Techno-Vision evaluation network funded by the French ministry of defence and the French ministry of research. For the general introduction, refer to this document.


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