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CoreGRID Research Group on Component Definition

The Research Group on Component Definition is a research group of the
Institute on Programming Models (WP 3).

Activities of the component definition research group mainly concern the Basic Programming Model (task 3.1 of WP3) and Components and Hierarchical Composition (task 3.2 of WP 3).

Objectives of the Group

The Research Group on Component Definition aims at both an abstract definition and a concrete definition for the specification of Grid components, and their composition. Main topics of this research group include: definition of component composition, definition of component interfaces, and primitive component definition.

We expect the research group to conduct joint research and experiments resulting in new CoreGRID Technical Reports, presentations at conferences, publications in scientific journals.

Most importantly, research leaded by this research group should strongly influence and result in an important contribution to the standard definition of a Grid Component Model (GCM).

The overall objective of this research group is to reach a common agreament on the definition of components, the way components should be specified, the final goal is to provide a general specification of component definitions.

WP3 Partners Involved in the Component Definition Research Group

INRIA, Participants:  Ludovic Henrio (INRIA Sophia -- CNRS) (coordinator), Christian Perez (IRISA), Hinde Bouziane (IRISA), Jean-Bernard Stefani (INRIA Rhone-Alpes), Alan Schmitt (INRIA Rhone-Alpes).
UNIPI, Participants: Marco Danelutto
VUA, Participants: -
IC, Participants: -
WWU, Participants: Jan Dünnweber


All WP3 Research Groups

Group NameCoordinatorInvolved Partners
Programming models of single componentsPierre Kuonen EIA-FR, INRIA, UNIPI, UNIPASSAU
Component definitionLudovic Henrio INRIA, UNIPI, VUA, IC
Component communicationJan Dünnweber WWU, INRIA, ISTI/CNR
Advanced programming modelsMarco Danelutto UNIPASSAU, UNIPI, INRIA, WWU, UNIPASSAU, VUA
Performance Models, AdaptivityMarco Aldinucci ISTI/CNR, UNIPI, INRIA, WWU, UNIPASSAU, VUA
Component run time supportThilo Kielmann VUA, INRIA, UNIPI
Component semantics- INRIA/OASIS
Interoperability- UOW
Security- UCHILE
Interactions between Virtual Institutes- all partners in other WPs
StandardsThilo Kielmann People involved in national initiatives/decision committees


Scheduled Short Visits

The purpose of the following list is to announce planned short visits as early as possible. Once, a new short visit is added to the list and the research topics for this visit are defined, the visit will also be announces via the WP3 mailing list. All WP 3 members can then consider joining this short visit. It is encouraged that future short visits involve more than only two CoreGRID partners.

past visits in WP 3
2 short visits between the University of Delft and the WWU: optimization for scheduling and the distribution of tasks among components. Especially, we focus on scheduling workflows of component compositions efficiently.


Fourth plenary meeting - London, Jan 2006

Publications and Websites
Second CoreGrid Deliverable of the Programming Model Institute: A proposal for the GCM
Fractal specification



Ludovic Henrio
Home Page
Phone: + 33 4 92 38 7164

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