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What is ERS?

ERS is a set of tools for the analysis of discrete event systems. It has been developed so far in the Mistral and Sloop projects of INRIA.

ERS is a package under development. It is made available to researchers interested in Discrete Event Systems in order to obtain feedback on (possible) bugs, suggestions for improvements, and even contributions in the form of code improvements or additional tools.

What does ERS?

ERS contains tools for

  • creating graphical representations of some discrete event systems: Petri Nets (snapshot), Task Graphs, Heaps of Pieces (snapshot), Interaction Graphs.
  • analyzing the systems and computing performance measures (throughputs and growth rates, waiting times, makespans etc.)
  • transforming systems from one representation to another.
How to get ERS?

ERS is available in several forms:

Compilable (Unix platforms) ERS_0.2.2.tar.gz
With binaries for LINUX ERS_0.2.2_LINUX.tar.gz
With binaries for SUN Solaris ERS_0.2.2_SUN4SOL2.tar.gz
With binaries for DEC ALPHA ERS_0.2.1_ALPHA.tar.gz (version 0.2.1 plus patch.

The distribution contains some installation instructions.

There is a rather voluminous yet incomplete reference manual

How to contribute to ERS? If you:
  • encounter a problem while downloading, compiling, or installing ERS,
  • find a bug in one of the tools
  • have a suggestion for improving ERS's functionalities
  • wish to contribute to ERS with a tool of your own (graphical user interface, solver, anything)
  • wish to be informed of the evolution of ERS and its new releases
send a mail to Alain Jean-Marie.

ERS's current version is 0.2.2, released on 15/03/1999.
ERS is provided "as is" to the scientific community. It is protected by a copyright. You may freely use it for non-commercial purposes. You may not use it for commercial purposes without the authorization of INRIA.

Please Note!

Because of my change of location and activity, I have put the ERS project to sleep as of the 1st October 1999. Yet, if you are interested in ERS and have trouble with it, feel free to send me a mail and I'll try to help you!

Alain Jean-Marie
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