Manuel Serrano can no longer maintain and develop Skribe. Skribe is thus looking for a new maintainer. If you feel interested, please contact Manuel Serrano that is willing to help anyone that will accept this charge.

Skribe is a text processor. Even if it is a general purpose tool, it best suits the writing of technical documents such as web pages or technical reports, API documentations, etc. At first glance, Skribe looks like a mark-up language ŕ la HTML. So, there is no need to have developed computer programming skills to use Skribe.

A second look reveals that Skribe is actually a true programming language, provided with high level features (such as objects, higher order functions, regular and syntactic parsing, etc.). Skribe is based on the Scheme programming language.

From Skribe source files it is possible to produce various targets:

  • HTML pages that can be used to implement a web site (such as the Skribe Home Page).
  • XML files.
  • LaTeX files that can be used to produce high quality Postscript or PDF files.

Skribe is the successor of Scribe (whose development has been abandoned in favor of Skribe). Skribe is distributed under the Gnu General Public License.

Last update Wed Jun 30 08:26:02 2010.