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Galaxy filament detection using the Quality candy model

Pierre Gernez, Xavier Descombes and Josiane Zerubia : Ariana, Joint project INRIA/I3S

 Éric Slezak and Albert Bijaoui : Observatory of French Riviera (OCA- Nice, France)

This work has been partially supported by a COLORS grant from INRIA-Sophia Antipolis

It has been pulbished in ICASSP'06 (Toulouse) and ERCIM news (


We propose to apply a marked point process to detect a galaxy filament network. From the ``Quality Candy'' model, initially developed for road network extraction in remotely sensed images, we adapt the data term to the filament detection. The optimization is realized by a simulated annealing using a Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithm. Results are presented on a numerical simulation and on an astronomical survey.

Xavier Descombes 2005-10-24