15th International Workshop on Computational Logic in Multi-Agent Systems

Prague, Czech Republic, August 18-19, 2014

Accepted papers

  • Elizabeth Black, Amanda Coles and Sara Bernardini.
    Automated planning of simple persuasion dialogues.

  • Stefano Bistarelli, Fabio Rossi and Francesco Santini.
    Enumerating Extensions on Random Abstract-AFs with ArgTools, Aspartix, ConArg2, and Dung-O-Matic.

  • Maiquel de Brito, Jomi Fred Hubner and Olivier Boissier.
    A Conceptual Model for Situated Artificial Institutions.

  • Hans van Ditmarsch and Sophia Knight.
    Partial Information and Uniform Strategies.

  • Xin Sun.
    How to Build Input/Output Logic.

  • Jerzy Pilecki, Marek Bednarczyk and Wojciech Jamroga.
    Synthesis and Verification of Uniform Strategies for Multi-Agent Systems.

  • Natasha Alechina, Wiebe Van Der Hoek and Brian Logan.
    Fair allocation of group tasks according to social norms.

  • Daniel Eckert and Frederik Herzberg.
    The problem of judgment aggregation in the framework of boolean-valued models.

  • Ricardo Gonçalves, Matthias Knorr and Joao Leite.
    Evolving Bridge Rules in Evolving Multi-Context Systems.

  • Dionysios Kontarinis, Elise Bonzon, Nicolas Maudet and Pavlos Moraitis.
    Empirical evaluation of strategies for multiparty argumentative debates view or update paper.

  • Antonis Achilleos.
    On the Complexity of Two-agent Justification Logic.

  • Fabio Mogavero, Aniello Murano and Luigi Sauro.
    A Behavioral Hierarchy of Strategy Logic.