A simple discrete event simulator created for conducting experiments on peer-to-peer video streaming. Implemented purely in Python.
Weighted Improper Coloring Algorithms
Implementations of Levelling heuristic and branch&bound algorithm. Implemented purely in Python.
Realistic network demand generators
SNDlib provides pretty nice network topologies. But when it comes to demands, they often do not fit our needs (e.g. germany50 has only around 52% demand density). Thus I created a set of scripts to determine populations of the cities and create realistic demand matrices based on that.
Green Content Distribution
Implementation of the Spanning Tree Heuristic introduced in our Energy Efficient Content Distribution paper. Implemented purely in Java. Hosted on Github.

Above list is up to date as of: Tue May 28 12:08:08 CEST 2013.
It contains only development efforts being parts of duties in the COATI/Mascotte team.