Patrick Valduriez

Campus Saint-Priest - Bātiment 5
860 rue de St Priest
34392 Montpellier Cedex 5
Tel : +33 4 67 14 97 26
Fax : +33 4 67 41 85 00

Software Prototypes

WebSmatch (Web Schema Matching)

Flexible, open environment for discovering and matching complex schemas from many heterogeneous data sources over the Web. It provides three basic functions: (1) metadata extraction from data sources; (2) schema matching, (3) schema clustering to group similar schemas together. WebSmatch is being delivered through Web services, to be used directly by data integrators or other tools, with RIA clients. Implemented in Java, delivered as Open Source Software (under LGPL), WebSmatch is being used by Datapublica and CIRAD to integrate public data sources.

SON (Shared-data Overlay Network)

SON is an open source development platform for P2P networks. To scale up and ease deployment, we rely on a decentralized organization for publishing and discovering services or data. Using SON, the development of a P2P application is done through the design and implementation of a set of components. The complex aspects of asynchronous distributed programming are separated from code components and automatically generated from an abstract description of services for each component.

P2Prec (P2P recommendation service)

P2Prec is a recommendation service for P2P content sharing systems that exploits users social data. To manage users social data, we rely on Friend-Of-A-Friend (FOAF) descriptions. P2Prec has a hybrid P2P architecture to work on top of any P2P content sharing system. It combines efficient DHT indexing to manage the users FOAF files with gossip robustness to disseminate the topics of expertise between friends. P2Prec is implemented in java using SON..

ProbDB (Probabilistic Database)

Probabilistic data management system to manage uncertain data on top of relational DBMSs. One of the main features of the prototype is its portability; that means with a minimum effort it can be implemented over any DBMS. In ProbDB, we take advantage of the functionalities provided by almost all DBMSs, particularly the query processing functions. It is implemented in Java on top of PostgreSQL.


P2P testing framework for large-scale distributed systems. It is useful to developers who want to test their Java applications in a distributed way. The framework is based on two original aspects: the individual control of node volatility and a distributed testing architecture to cope with large numbers of nodes, which provides synchronization and logging facilities.

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