Mireille Bossy

Directrice de Recherche

at Sophia Antipolis, France

   Research Interests

Numerical probability analysis, stochastic analysis;
Probabilistic methods for fluid mechanics ;
Stochastic Lagrangian method for particles and flows ;
Stochastic particle algorithms and related Monte Carlo methods ;
Discretisation schemes for SDEs ;
Probabilistic interpretation of PDEs
   Research Projetcs
Particle methods for Lagrangian approach in Fluid mechanics.
Stochastic Downscaling Method for the simulation of Wind at Small Scales.

        About the WindPoS-SDM project
CO2 market design, and carbon value assessment (collaboration with CMA)
         About the CarbonValue and the project CarbonQuant

Grid algorithms in Finance :
ANR GCPMF Grid in Mathematical Finance
See more on this project on Viet Dung Doan Home Page

ORCID iD icon ORCID ID : 0000-0002-6972-9022       

Contact and Postal address
Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée
2004, route des Lucioles - BP 93
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
Phone :  +33 4 92 38 79 82
Mireille "dot" Bossy "at" inria.fr
Office: Galois 31

  I'm leading the Calisto Team at Inria    


I'm External Contributor of the CMA MinesParisTech Laboratory


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