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    30 références sur: Simulateur


    Advani S. and others .
    Design of a hexapod motion cueing system for the NASA Ames vertical motion simulator.
    In AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conf., Monterey, 5-8 Août 2002
    Keywords: simulator,design,applications.

    Advani S. and others .
    A full-flight simulator of the 1903 Wright flyer.
    In AIAA Modeling and Simulation Technologies Conf., Austin, 11-14 Août 2004
    Keywords: simulator,applications.

    Ares J., Brazales A., and Busturia J.M.
    Tuning and validation of the motion platform washout filter parameters for a driving simulator.
    In Driving simulation Conf (DSC), pages 295-304, Sophia-Antipolis, 5-7 Septembre 2001
    Keywords: simulator,control.

    Artz B. and others .
    The design and construction of the visual subsystem for VIRTTEX, the driving simulator at the Ford research laboratories.
    In Driving simulation Conf (DSC), pages 255-262, Sophia-Antipolis, 5-7 Septembre 2001
    Keywords: simulator.

    Baret M.
    Six degrees of freedom large motion system for flight simulators, piloted aircraft environment simulation techniques.
    In AGARD Conference Proceeding ${\rm n^\circ 249}$, Piloted aircraft environment simulation techniques, pages 22-1/22-7, Bruxelles, 24-27 Avril 1978
    Keywords: simulator,applications.

    Cappel K.L.
    Motion simulator, 3 Janvier 1967
    United States Patent ${\rm n^\circ}$ 3,295,224 The Franklin Institute.
    Keywords: applications,patent,simulator.

    Claudinon B. and Lievre J.
    Test facility for rendez-vous and docking.
    In 36th Congress of the IAF, pages 1-6, Stockholm, 7-12 Octobre 1985
    Keywords: simulator,mechanical architecture,optimal design,design,force sensor,workspace,applications.

    Drosdol J. and Panik F.
    The Daimler-Benz driving simulator. A tool for vehicle development, 25 Février-1 Mars, 1985
    SAE Technical Paper Series.
    Keywords: applications,simulator,hardware.

    Dubowsky S. and others .
    A laboratory test bed for space robotics: the VES mod. II.
    In IROS, pages 1562-1569, München, 12-16 Septembre 1994
    Keywords: applications,hardware,simulator,control.

    Hahn S. and Kalb E.
    The Daimler-Benz driving simulator set-up and results of first experiments.
    In Summer Computer Simulation Conf., pages 993-997, Montréal, 23-30 Juillet 1987
    Keywords: simulator,applications.

    Hoffman R.
    Dynamics and control of a flight simulator motion system.
    In Canadian Conf. on Automatic Control, pages 1-10, Montréal, 23-25 Mai 1979
    Keywords: vibration,control,simulator.

    Huang J-Y. and Gau C-Y.
    A PC cluster high-fidelity mobile crane simulator.
    Tamkang Journal of Science and Engineering, 5(1):7-20, 2002.
    Keywords: applications,simulator.

    Katliar M., Fischer J., Frison G, Diehl M., Teufel H., and Bülthoff H.H.
    Nonlinear model predictive control of a cable-robot-based motion simulator.
    In 20th IFAC World Congress, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,simulator.

    King R.F.
    A flight simulator for advanced aircraft-servo: design to realization.
    In Summer Computation Simulation Conf., pages 248-253, Montréal, 13-19 Juillet 1973
    Keywords: simulator,applications.

    Koevermans W.P. and others .
    Design and performance of the four d.o.f. motion system of the NLR research flight simulator.
    In AGARD Conf. Proc. No 198, Flight Simulation, pages 17-1/17-11, La Haye, 20-23 Octobre 1975
    Keywords: simulator,applications,4 dof robot.

    Lorenzo J. and others .
    Hydraulic excavator dynamic model for a real time training simulator.
    In Driving simulation Conf (DSC), pages 201-211, Sophia-Antipolis, 5-7 Septembre 2001
    Keywords: simulator,dynamics.

    Mattiazzo G. and others .
    A pneumatically actuated motion simulator.
    In 12th IFToMM World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, Besancon, 18-21 Juin 2007
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,applications,pneumatic,simulator.

    Merlet J-P.
    Les Robots parallèles.
    Hermès, Paris, 1990.

    Merlet J-P.
    Les robots parallèles, 21 Juin 1993
    Habilitation à diriger les recherches, UNSA, Nice.

    Merlet J-P.
    Les Robots parallèles.
    Hermès, Paris, 1997.

    Mimura N. and Y. Funahashi.
    A new analytical system applying 6 dof parallel link manipulator for evaluating motion sensation.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 227-233, Nagoya, 25-27 Mai 1995
    Keywords: forward kinematics with redundant sensors,mechanical architecture,hardware,orientation workspace,simulator,medical.

    Nguyen C.C. and others .
    Adaptive control of a Stewart platform-based manipulator.
    J. of Robotic Systems, 10(5):657-687, Juillet 1993
    Keywords: control,applications,simulator,kinematics,hybrid robot.

    Park M.K. and others .
    Development of the PNU vehicle driving simulator and its performance evaluation.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 2325-2330, Seoul, 23-25 Mai 2001
    Keywords: applications,simulator.

    Parrish R.V. and others .
    Motion software for a synergistic six-degree-of-freedom motion base.
    Research Report D-7350, NASA, Décembre 1973
    Keywords: simulator.

    Peterson R. and Hobson J.C.
    High frequency motion simulator.
    In SPIE, Aerosense 2001, pages 225-237, Orlando, 16-20 Avril 2001
    Keywords: applications,simulator,hardware.

    Peterson R. and others .
    6 dof high-frequency motion simulator phaseII.
    In SPIE, Aerosense 2002, pages 56-66, Orlando, 1-5 Avril 2002
    Keywords: applications,simulator,hardware.

    Salcudean S.E. and others .
    A six degree-of-freedom, hydraulic, one person motion simulator.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 2437-2443, San Diego, 8-13 Mai 1994
    Keywords: mechanical architecture,simulator,design,forward kinematics,actuators,hardware,hydraulics.

    Thompson C.J. and Campbell P.D.
    Tendon suspended platform robot, 17 Décembre 1996
    United States Patent ${\rm n^\circ}$ 5,585,707, McDonnel Douglas Corporation.
    Keywords: wire robot,applications,simulator,patent.

    Watson P.
    Fligth simulators-the grand illusion.
    Electron. Aust., 46(4):12-17, 1984.
    Keywords: simulator.

    Zhan C. and Zhang L.
    Kinematic analysis and workspace investigation of a novel 2-dof parallel manipulator applied on vehicle driving simulator.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 29(1):113-120, Février 2013
    Keywords: 2 dof robot,applications,simulator.

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