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Keywords: kinematics,dynamics,workspace,mechanical architecture,actuators,6 dof robot,pneumatic,hardware,force feedback,micro-macro robot,singularity,force sensor,orientation workspace.
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Keywords: micro-macro robot,wire robot,trajectory planning.
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Keywords: wire robot,statics,micro-macro robot,workspace.
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Keywords: control,micro-macro robot,applications.
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Keywords: dynamics,micro-macro robot.
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Keywords: control,force feedback,micro-macro robot.
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Keywords: force feedback,micro-macro robot,actuators.
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Keywords: dynamics,applications,redundant robot,wire robot,micro-macro robot.
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Keywords: wire robot,micro-macro robot,statics.
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Keywords: micro-macro robot,force feedback,control.
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Keywords: 3 dof robot,mechanical architecture,optimal design,micro-macro robot,piezo-electric.
J-P. Merlet