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    39 références pour: 2017


    Abdelaziz S. and others .
    Control of cable-driven manipulators in the presence of friction.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 107:139-147, Janvier 2017
    Keywords: wire robot,applications,medical,2 dof robot,force sensor.

    Barbazza L. and others .
    Trajectory planning of a suspended cable driven parallel robot with reconfigurable end effector.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 48(6):1-11, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,trajectory planning,modular robot.

    Briot S., Chaumette F., and Martinet P.
    Revisiting the determination of the singularity cases in the visual servoing of images points through the concept of hidden robot.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 33(3):536-546, Juillet 2017
    Keywords: singularity,control,applications.

    Bryson J.T.
    The optimal design of cable-driven robots.
    Ph.D. Thesis, University of Delaware, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,optimal design.

    Cirillo P., Natale C., Cirillo A., and Marino A.
    Optimal custom design of both symmetric and unsymmetrical hexapod robots for aeronautics applications.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 44:1-16, Avril 2017
    Keywords: applications,optimal design.

    Dion-Gauvin P. and Gosselin C.
    Trajectory planning for the static to dynamic transition of point-mass cable-suspended parallel mechanisms.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, pages 158-178, Juillet 2017
    Keywords: wire robot,planar robot,dynamics,control,trajectory planning.

    Gonzales-Rodriguez A. and others .
    On the effect of the design of cable-driven robot on kinematics.
    Mechatronics, 43:18-27, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,mechanical architecture,accuracy.

    Izard Jean-Baptiste and others .
    Large-scale 3d printing with cable-driven parallel robots.
    Construction Robotics, 1(1):69-76, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,applications.

    Kevac L., Filipovic M., and Racik A.
    The trajectory generation algorithm for the cable-suspended parallel robot- the CPR trajectory solver.
    Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 94:25-33, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,trajectory planning.

    Kucuk S.
    Optimal trajectory generation algorithm for serial and parallel manipulators.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 48:219-232, Décembre 2017
    Keywords: trajectory planning.

    Liping W., Huayang X., and Liwen G.
    Kinematic and inverse dynamic analysis for a novel 3-PUU parallel manipulator.
    Robotica, 35(10):2018-2035, Octobre 2017
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,kinematics,dynamics,mechanical architecture.

    Lu Z., Y.and Dai and Ye N.
    Stiffness analysis of parallel manipulatos with linear limb by considering inertial wrench of moving link and constrained wrench.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 46:58-67, 2017.
    Keywords: dynamics,stiffness.

    Lu N., Y.and Ye.
    Type synthesis of parallel mechanism by using sub-mechanisms and digital topological graphs.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 109:39-50, 2017.
    Keywords: structural synthesis.

    Martin R., Caro S., and Cardou P.
    Geometric determination of the cable cylinder interference regions in the workspace of a cable driven parallel robot.
    In Int. Conf. on cable-driven parallel robots (CableCon), Québec, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,workspace.

    Merlet J-P.
    Direct kinematics of CDPR with extra cable orientation sensors: the 2 and 3 cables case with perfect measurement and sagging cables.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Vancouver, 24-28 Septembre 2017

    http://www-sop.inria.fr/hephaistos/PDF/merlet_iros2017.pdf, Keywords: wire robot,forward kinematics,forward kinematics with redundant sensors.

    Merlet J-P.
    Direct kinematics of CDPR with extra cable orientation sensors: the 2 and 3 cables case with perfect measurement and ideal or elastic cables.
    In Int. Conf. on cable-driven parallel robots (CableCon), Québec, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,forward kinematics,forward kinematics with redundant sensors.

    Merlet J-P.
    Computing cross-sections of the workspace of cable-driven parallel robots with 6 sagging cables.
    In Computational Kinematics, Poitiers, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,workspace.

    Merlet J-P.
    Simulation of discrete-time controlled cable-driven parallel robots on a trajectory.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 33(3):675-688, Juin 2017
    Keywords: wire robot,control.

    Özdemir M.
    Dynamic analysis of planar parallel robots considering singularities and different payloads.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 46:114-121, 2017.
    Keywords: planar robot,singularity,dynamics,trajectory planning.

    Piao J. and others .
    Open-loop position control of a polymer cable–driven parallel robot via a viscoelastic cable model for high payload workspaces.
    Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 9(12), 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,statics,accuracy.

    Porta J.M. and Thomas F.
    Closed form position analysis of variable geometry truss.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 109:14-21, 2017.
    Keywords: truss,forward kinematics.

    H. Saafi., Laribi M.A., and Zeghloul S.
    Optimal torque distribution for a redundant 3-RRR spherical parallel manipulator used as a haptical medical device.
    Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 89:40-50, 2017.
    Keywords: spherical robot,redundant robot,wrist,medical.

    Salah B. and others .
    Design and simulation based validation of the control architecture of a stacker crane based on an innovative wire-driven robot.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 44:117-128, Avril 2017
    Keywords: wire robot,2 dof robot,applications.

    Schmidt V. and others .
    Black-box accuracy compensation for a cable-driven parallel robot.
    In Int. Conf. on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS), Jeju, 18-20 Octobre 2017
    Keywords: wire robot,accuracy.

    Schulz S. and others .
    Sensor concept for solving the direct kinematics problem of the Stewart-Gough platform.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), Vancouver, 24-28 Septembre 2017
    Keywords: forward kinematics,forward kinematics with redundant sensors.

    Sovizi J. and others .
    Wrench uncertainty quantification and reconfiguration analysis in loosely interconnected cooperative systems.
    ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part B: Mechanical Engineering, 4(2), 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,uncertainties,statics.

    Sridhar D. and Williams II R.L.
    Kinematics and statics including cable sag for large cable suspended robots.
    Global Journal of Researches in Engineering: H Robotics & Nano-Tec, 17(1), 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,inverse kinematics,statics.

    Tempel P. and others .
    Estimating inertial parameters of suspended cable-driven parallel robots; use case on CoGiRo.
    In IEEE Int. Conf. on Robotics and Automation, pages 6093-6098, Singapore, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,calibration,dynamics.

    Viegas C., Tavakoli M., and T. de Almeida A.
    A novel grid-based reconfigurable spatial parallel mechanism with large workspace.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 115:149-167, Septembre 2017
    Keywords: modular robot,performance analysis.

    Viegas C., Daney D., Tavakoli M., and T. de Almeida A.
    Performance analysis and design of parallel kinematic machines using interval analysis.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 117:218-236, Septembre 2017
    Keywords: mechanical architecture,performance analysis.

    Wang H. and others .
    Parameter optimization of heavy-load parallel manipulator by introducing stiffness distribution evaluation index.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 108:244-259, 2017.
    Keywords: optimal design,stiffness.

    Wang H. and others .
    Finding measurement configuration for accurate calibration: verification with a cable-driven parallel robot.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 33(5):1156-1189, Octobre 2017
    Keywords: wire robot,calibration,accuracy.

    Wu J. and others .
    A 3-dof quick-action parallel manipulator based on four linkage mechanisms with high-speed cam.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 115:168-196, Septembre 2017
    Keywords: 3 dof robot,mechanical architecture,applications.

    Xu Y. and others .
    Type synthesis of the 2R1T parallel mechanisms with two continuous rotational axes and study on the principle of motion decoupling.
    Mechanism and Machine Theory, 108:27-40, 2017.
    Keywords: structural synthesis,3 dof robot,decoupled robot.

    Yao J. and others .
    Dynamic analysis and driving force optimization of a 5-dof parallel manipulator with redundant actuation.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 48:51-58, Décembre 2017
    Keywords: dynamics,redundant robot,optimal design,5 dof robot,statics.

    Yuan H. and others .
    Vibration analysis of cable-driven parallel robot based on the dynamic stiffness matrix method.
    Journal of Sound and Vibration, 394:527-544, 2017.
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,vibration.

    Zhang N., Shang W., and Cong S.
    Geometry-based trajectory planning of a 3-3 cable suspended parallel robot.
    IEEE Trans. on Robotics, 33(2):484-491, Avril 2017
    Keywords: wire robot,dynamics,trajectory planning.

    Zhao X., Zi B., and Quian L.
    Design, analysis, and control of a cable-driven parallel platform with a pneumatic muscle active support.
    Robotica, 35(4):744-765, Avril 2017
    Keywords: wire robot,medical,stiffness,control,applications,hybrid robot.

    Zi B., Su H., and Zhang D.
    Design, analysis and control of a winding hybrid-driven cable parallel manipulator.
    Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, 48:196-208, Décembre 2017
    Keywords: wire robot,3 dof robot,hybrid robot,control,actuators.

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