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    17 références pour: 1987


    Angeles J. and Gosselin C.
    Détermination du degré de liberté des chaînes cinématiques simples et complexes.
    In 7th IFToMM World Congress on the Theory of Machines and Mechanisms, pages 199-202, Seville, 17-22 Septembre 1987
    Keywords: design,mobility.

    Austad A.
    Arm device, 4 Juin 1987
    IPN ${\rm n^\circ}$ WO 87,03239.
    Keywords: mechanical architecture,5 dof robot,patent.

    Grimbert D. and Marchal P.
    Dynamic testing of a docking system.
    In First European In-Orbit Operations Technology Symposium, pages 281-288, Darmstadt, 7-9 Septembre 1987
    Keywords: applications.

    Hahn S. and Kalb E.
    The Daimler-Benz driving simulator set-up and results of first experiments.
    In Summer Computer Simulation Conf., pages 993-997, Montréal, 23-30 Juillet 1987
    Keywords: simulator,applications.

    Lambert M.
    Polyarticulated retractile mechanism, 24 Mars 1987
    United States Patent ${\rm n^\circ}$ 4,651,589, Société Becart S.A.
    Keywords: mechanical architecture,3 dof robot,patent.

    Lerbet J.
    Mécanique des systèmes de solides rigides comportant des boucles fermées.
    Ph.D. Thesis, Paris VI, Paris, 19 Juin 1987
    Keywords: mobility.

    Merlet J-P.
    Parallel manipulators, Part 1, theory.
    Research Report 646, INRIA, Mars 1987
    Keywords: mechanical architecture.

    Merlet J-P.
    Kinematics, singular configurations and compliance of parallel manipulators.
    In ICAR, pages 125-136, Versailles, 13-15 Octobre 1987
    Keywords: kinematics,singularity,statics.

    Merlet J-P.
    Robots parallèles.
    In AFCET RFIA, pages 569-574, Antibes, 18-20 Novembre 1987
    Keywords: mechanical architecture.

    Reinholtz C.F. and Gokhale D.
    Design and analysis of variable geometry truss robots.
    In 9th Annual Conf. on Applied Mechanisms, pages 1-5, Oklahoma State University, 1987.
    Keywords: truss.

    Shirkhodaie A.H. and Soni A.H.
    Forward and inverse synthesis for a robot with three degree-of-freedom.
    In 19th Summer Computer Simulation Conf., pages 851-856, Montréal, 27-30 Juillet 1987
    Keywords: mechanical architecture,planar robot,design.

    Sincarsin W.G. and Hughes P.C.
    Trussarm : candidate geometries.
    Research Report 28-611/0401, Dynacon Enterprises Ltd., 1987.
    Keywords: truss.

    Sternheim F.
    Computation of the direct and inverse geometric models of the Delta 4 parallel robot.
    Robotersysteme, 3(4):199-203, 1987.
    Keywords: kinematics.

    Stoughton R. and Kokkinis T.
    Some properties of a new kinematic structure for robot manipulators.
    In ASME Design Automation Conf., pages 73-79, Boston, 28 Juin 1987
    Keywords: mechanical architecture,optimal design,singularity,3 dof robot.

    Sugimoto K.
    Kinematic and dynamic analysis of parallel manipulators by means of motor algebra.
    J. of Mechanisms, Transmissions and Automation in Design, 109(1):3-7, Mars 1987
    Keywords: dynamics,kinematics.

    Waldron K.J. and Hunt K.H.
    Series-parallel dualities in actively coordinated mechanisms.
    In 4th ISRR, pages 175-182, Cambridge, 9-14 Août 1987
    Keywords: duality.

    Weng T-C., Sandor G.N., and Xu Y.
    On the workspace of closed-loop manipulators with ground mounted rotary-linear actuators and finite size platform.
    In ASME Design and Automation Conf., pages 55-61, Boston, 27-30 Septembre 1987
    Keywords: workspace.

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