A Reputation System for Multirole Sessions
Viviana Bono, Sara Capecchi, Ilaria Castellani and Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini

We extend role-based multiparty sessions with reputations and policies associated with principals. The reputation associated with a principal in a service is built by collecting her relevant behaviour as a participant in sessions of the service. The service checks the reputation of principals before allowing them to take part in a session, also according to the role they want to play. Furthermore, principals can declare policies that must be fulfilled by the other participants of the same service. These policies are used by principals to check the reputation of the current participants and to decide whether or not to join the service. We illustrate the use of our approach with an example describing a real-world protocol.

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Ilaria Castellani
Last modified: Thur Mar 1, 2012