Welcome to Sophie's Homepage

I am a PH.D student co-supervisored by Fabrice Huet and Frédéric Magoulès. I am working on real-time and low-latency processing for large volume of continous data streams.

I was graduated from Ecole Centrale de Pékin, Beihang University. My supervisor of Master is Jinpeng Huai. My Master topic is about parallel computing and big data processing.


  • Solutions for Processing K Nearest Neighbor Joins for Big Data on MapReduce - 23rd International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Processing, At Turku, Finland - Ge Song, Justine Rochas, Fabrice Huet, Frederic Magoules

  • A Hadoop MapReduce Performance Prediction Method - HPCC 2013 - Ge Song, Zide Meng, Fabrice Huet, Frederic Magoules, Lei Yu, Xuelian Lin [pdf] [ppt]

  • A Game Theory Based MapReduce Scheduling Algorithm - ICM 2012 - Ge Song, Zide Meng, Lei Yu, Xuelian Lin [pdf]

  • Honors and Prizes

  • First Prize of Mini Project Session in ESWC 2013 Summer School

  • This project is a framework to work with the linked and the structured music data on the web. The modules which constituted the framwework allow a user to manage the data sources, map the entities between them, visualize the data, and republish the data with added insights.

  • First Prize of 2011 International OW2 Contest

  • The purpose of this project is to put the open-source scientific computing software SCILAB into cloud, to make it work in a parallel and distributed way, so that it can be used more conveniently and efficiently. The name of the project is ScilabCloud.

    Research Interest

  • Parallel k Nearest Neighbor Join (kNN) for Big Data

  • Semantic Web

  • Real-Time Processing

  • Data Stream

  • Continous Data Streams Processing

  • Parallel and Continuous RDF Data Processing

  • Big Data Processing

  • Parallel Computing