Datasets and Evaluation


Some datasets and evaluation tools are provided on this page for four different computer vision and computer graphics problems.



Population counting


Line-network extraction


3D-object detection


Surface reconstruction



Submission of results: You can submit your results obtained from these datasets to florent(dot)lafarge(at)inria(dot)fr in order to integrate them on this website. Please specify in the email a publication detailing the approach used to obtain the results.

You are free to download these datasets for non-commercial research and educational purposes. When using the datasets in any publication, please refer to them with the exact naming convention (e.g. Bird_colony, Stomata ..). Related papers to these works are

Efficient Monte Carlo sampler for detecting parametric objects in large scenes (ECCV'12) for population counting, line-network extraction and 3D object detection problems

Surface reconstruction through point set structuring (Eurographics'13) for surface reconstruction problems

Note that the use of certain datasets requires acknowledgements in the publications.