I'm senior researcher (Directeur de Recherche) at Inria and the scientific leader of COATI, a joint project-team between the research center of Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée and the I3S laboratory which itself belongs to the CNRS and Université Côte d'Azur (UCA). I received a Master degree in Computer Science from ENS Lyon and UCBL in 1997, a PhD in Computer Science from UNS in 2001, and the Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches in 2010. I did a post-doc in 2002 at Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya (UPC), DMA4, Barcelona, Spain. In September 2002, I became Chargé de Recherche at Inria Sophia Antipolis. I was a member of the joint project-team Mascotte between INRIA and the I3S laboratory(CNRS/UNS) till December 2012. I was team vice-leader of Mascotte from July 2006 till March 2011, and then the scientific leader of the team till December 2012. In January 2013, we started the new joint project-team COATI. In 2016, I have been promoted Directeur de Recherche (Senior Researcher), first class since 2021.

Data: CV, CV HAL, IdRef, ORCID 0000-0002-3306-8314

Research interest:
  • Algorithmics, combinatorial optimization, graph theory
  • Algorithm engineering
  • WDM networks: traffic grooming, routing and wavelength assignment, protection, reconfiguration
  • Wireless Backhaul networks: design, configuration, routing
  • Design of fault tolerant networks: shared risk resource groups and various kind of protection mechanisms
  • Transportation networks: routing, planning, multi-modal

I'm an active contributor of the open source project Sagemath and in particular of its graph module (tickets written and reviewed).

Attend the "Prospective seminars" of Inria axis "Interaction and visualization" and "Vision, perception and multimedia interpretation" -- Rungis, France -- April 3-4, 2024.
HDR defense of Christelle Caillouet on Modélisation et Optimisation des réseaux sans fil: De l’usage des drones aux réseaux LoRaWAN -- I3S, room 007, Sophia Antipolis, France -- March 27, 2024.
HDR defense of Emanuele Natale on Sur la somme de sous-ensembles aléatoires et quelques applications -- Inria, room Euler Violet, Sophia Antipolis, France -- March 20, 2024.
PhD defense of Igor Dias da Silva on Optimisation of UAVs deployment and coordination for exploration and monitoring applications -- I3S, room 007, Sophia Antipolis, France -- september 21, 2023.
Attend Journées Scientifiques Inria -- Bordeaux, France -- August 30 till September 1st, 2023.
PhD Fabrice Lécuyer Member of the PhD committee of Fabrice Lécuyer on Ordering nodes to scale to large real-world networks -- Paris, France -- July 6, 2023.
UCA-Majulab Workshop 2023 co-organisation of the UCA-Majulab Workshop: quantum technologies & photonics -- Nice, France -- June 19-21, 2023.
Attend Algotel & CoRes 2023 -- Cargèse, Corsica -- May 21-26, 2023.
I will present our paper "Groupage sur le chemin pour borner la largeur de coupe", a joint work with Jean-Claude Bermond, Michel Cosnard and Frédéric Havet.
The proceedings of the conference are online.
Attend the "Prospective seminars" of Inria axis "Computational Neuroscience and Medicine" and "Modeling and Control for Life Sciences" -- Rungis, France -- March 15-16, 2023.
Sagemath has moved to GitHub. Check the repository and the preliminary description of the new development process.
Attend Journées du GDR RSD (GDR RSD) -- Lyon, France -- January 26-27, 2023.