Corentin Follenfant

Corentin Follenfant joined SAP Research Sophia Antipolis in March 2010, where he is doing a PhD on usage semantics of analytics and Business Intelligence tools. His PhD thesis is being supervised by Olivier Corby and Fabien Gandon at the Wimmics (formerly Edelweiss) research team of INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée. Its main goal is to provide a framework for capturing and reasoning over uncertain usage semantics of analytical tools, mainly using Semantic Web standards such as RDF(S) and SPARQL 1.1, in order to enable user guidance through content reuse and recommendation. Corentin received a technical degree in Software Engineering from University of La Rochelle in 2007 and a graduate engineering diploma in Computer Sciences from University of Nice Sophia Antipolis in 2010, specialized in Knowledge and Information Systems. Before joining SAP he worked in the areas of Document Management Systems, Business Rules Management Systems in Semantic Web frameworks, and Abstract Knowledge Graphs Query Engines.

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Corentin Follenfant
c/o INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée, Wimmics Team
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