Workplan and Cost


As stated before, we already have initiated some collaboration. More precisely, the plan is the following:

  • Gianluca Quercini will visit Mascotte (internship) to work with Bruce Reeds on graph representation. Bruce Reed will use his expertise in graph tree-width and probabilistic methods.
  • Massimo Ancona, Vittoria Gianuzzi and Michel Syska will define directions for research for internship students in network optimization
  • Michel Syska will supervise the implementation of algorithms in the Mascopt library
  • All the listed people will meet and organize seminars in Genoa and Sophia as well

Cost summary

Title Cost
6600 euros 6 months Internship student from DISI in Mascotte (Egide cost)
5800 euros 4 months internship student from french Master in Mascotte
5000 euros 10 short visits between DISI and Mascotte
2995 euros 1 ILOG CPLEX academic license
20395 euros Total
No interaction with other funding or proposal