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Publications of year 2004

  1. J.-F. Lalande. Conception de réseaux de télécommunications : optimisation et expérimentations. PhD thesis, École doctorale STIC, Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, Décembre 2004. [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. J.-C. Bermond, C.J. Colbourn, A. Ling, and M.-L. Yu. Grooming in unidirectional rings : $K_4 -e$ designs. Discrete Mathematics, Lindner's Volume, 284(1-3):57--62, 2004. [PDF ] [bibtex-entry]

  2. H.-J. Böckenhauer, D. Bongartz, J. Hromkovic, R. Klasing, G. Proietti, S. Seibert, and W. Unger. On the hardness of constructing minimal 2-connected spanning subgraphs in complete graphs with sharpened triangle inequality. Theoretical Computer Science, 326(1--3):137--153, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

  3. I. Caragiannis, A. Ferreira, C. Kaklamanis, S. Pérennes, P. Persiano, and H. Rivano. Approximate Constrained Bipartite Edge Coloring. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 143(1-3):54--61, September 2004. [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  4. M. Cosnard, E. Jeannot, and T. Yang. Compact Dag Representation and its Symbolic Scheduling. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 64(8):921--935, August 2004. [bibtex-entry]

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    Note: Held in Fortaleza, 2001. [bibtex-entry]

Conference articles
  1. S. Bessy. Un algorithme d'approximation pour le sous-digraphe fortement connexe minimal. In Sixièmes Rencontres Francophones sur les Aspects Algorithmiques des Télécommunications (AlgoTel'04), pages 57--61, 2004. INRIA. [WWW ] [bibtex-entry]

  2. S. Bessy and S. Thomassé. Three min-max theorems concerning cyclic orders of strong digraphs. In Acts of IPCO X 2004, volume 3064 of Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences, pages 132--138, 2004. Springer-Verlag. [WWW ] [bibtex-entry]

  3. C. Cooper, R. Klasing, and M. Zito. Dominating Sets in Web Graphs. In Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Algorithms and Models for the Web-Graph (WAW 2004), volume 3243 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 31--43, October 2004. Springer-Verlag. [bibtex-entry]

  4. A. Ferreira and A. Jarry. Complexity of Minimum Spanning Tree in Evolving Graphs and the Minimum-Energy Broadcast Routing Problem. In Proceedings of WiOpt'04 -- Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad-Hoc and Wireless Networks, Cambridge, United Kingdom, March 2004. [bibtex-entry]

  5. M. Flammini, R. Klasing, A. Navarra, and S. Pérennes. Improved approximation results for the Minimum Energy Broadcasting Problem. In 2nd ACM/SIGMOBILE Annual International Joint Workshop on Foundation of Mobile Computing (DIALM-POMC 2004), pages 85--91, 2004. ACM Press. [WWW ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

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  7. J. Galtier. Optimizing the IEEE 802.11b Performance using Slow Congestion Window Decrease. In Proccedings of the 16th ITC Specialist Seminar on performance evaluation of wireless and mobile systems, Antwerpen, Belgium, pages 165--176, August/September 2004. [PDF ] [bibtex-entry]

  8. C. Gomes and G. Robson Mateus. Routing and Wavelength Assignment in a Mesh Network. In 3rd International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Symposium (I2TS), 2004. [bibtex-entry]

  9. A. Jarry. Integral Symmetric 2-Commodity Flows. In Proceedings of STACS'04, Montpellier, March 2004. [bibtex-entry]

  10. A. Jarry and A. Laugier. On the minimum number edges of two-connected graphs with given diameter. In GT04, Paris, France, July 2004. [bibtex-entry]

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Internal reports
  1. S. Alouf, E. Altman, J. Galtier, J.-F. Lalande, and C. Touati. Un algorithme d'allocation de bande passante satellitaire. Research Report RR-5172, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, 2004 route des lucioles - BP 93 - FR-06902 Sophia Antipolis, April 2004. [WWW ] [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  2. J.-C. Bermond, F. Havet, and C. D. Tóth. Fault tolerant on-board networks with priorities. Research Report RR-5363, INRIA, 2004 route des lucioles - BP 93 - FR-06902 Sophia Antipolis, November 2004. [WWW ] [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  3. S. Bessy, E. Birmelé, and F. Havet. Arc-chromatic number of digraphs in which each vertex has bounded outdegree or bounded indegree. Research Report RR-5364, INRIA, 2004 route des lucioles - BP 93 - FR-06902 Sophia Antipolis, November 2004. [WWW ] [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  4. S. Choplin, J. Galtier, and S. Pérennes. Optimal concave costs in the SDH context. Research Report RR-5201, INRIA, 2004 route des lucioles - BP 93 - FR-06902 Sophia Antipolis, May 2004. [WWW ] [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  5. C. Cooper, R. Klasing, and T. Radzik. A randomized algorithm for the joining protocol in dynamic distributed networks. Research Report, INRIA Research Report RR-5376 and I3S Research Report I3S/RR-2004-39-FR, 2004. [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  6. A. Guitton and J. Moulierac. Scalable Tree Aggregation with a Large Number of Multicast Groups. Technical report 1663, Irisa, December 2004. [PDF ] [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  7. F. Havet and J.-S. Sereni. Improper choosability of graphs and maximum average degree. Research report, INRIA Research Report 5164 and I3S Research Report I3S/RR-2004-11-FR, April 2004. [WWW ] [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  8. R. Klasing, Z. Lotker, A. Navarra, and S. Pérennes. The Points and Vertices Game. Research Report TRCS 030/2004, Dipartimento di Informatica, Università degli Studi di L'Aquila, 2004. [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  9. R. Klasing, N. Morales, and S. Pérennes. On the Complexity of Bandwidth Allocation in Radio Networks with Steady Traffic Demands. Research Report, INRIA Research Report RR-5432 and I3S Research Report I3S/RR-2004-40-FR, 2004.
    Note: Submitted to Theoretical Computer Science. [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  10. J.-F. Lalande, M. Syska, and Y. Verhoeven. Mascopt - A Network Optimization Library: Graph Manipulation. Technical report RT-0293, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, 2004 route des lucioles - BP 93 - FR-06902 Sophia Antipolis, April 2004. [WWW ] [PDF ] [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  11. A. Navarra. Tighter Bounds for the Minimum Energy Broadcasting problem. Research Report TRCS 033/2004, Dipartimento di Informatica, Università degli Studi di L'Aquila, 2004. [bibtex-entry]

Internship reports
  1. L. Braud. Groupage de trafic sur le chemin. Rapport de stage de Magistère d'Informatique, 2 mois, encadrant D. Coudert, ENS Lyon, 2004. [PDF ] [bibtex-entry]

  2. A. Davert. Reroutage incrémental sur réseau optique. Rapport de stage de DEA RSD, 4 mois, encadrant D. Coudert, Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, 2004. [PDF ] [bibtex-entry]

  3. L. Jouhet. Protocole CDMA pour les réseaux Ad Hoc. Rapport de stage de Magistère d'Informatique, 2 mois, encadrant H. Rivano, ENS Lyon, 2004. [PDF ] [bibtex-entry]

  4. C. Mosse. Implémentation d'algorithmes pour les réseaux optiques WDM. Rapport de fin d'études d'Elève Ingénieur Maître, 4 mois, encadrants D. Coudert et M. Syska, IUP GMI d'Avignon, 2004. [PDF ] [bibtex-entry]

  5. Q. C. Pham. Etude d'un problème algorithmique intervenant dans la reconfiguration des réseaux WDM. Rapport de stage de Magistère d'Informatique, 2 mois, encadrants D. Coudert et S. Pérennes, ENS Paris, 2004. [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  6. L. Samper. A Markovian approach of the hidden terminal problem in IEEE 802.11. Rapport de stage de DEA MDFI, 4 mois, encadrant J. Galtier, Université de Luminy, Marseille, 2004. [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]

  7. A. Schwing. Estimation fine du trafic urbain à partir de capteurs mobiles. Rapport de Mastère, 2 mois, encadrant P. Mussi, EPU Marseille, 2004. [PDF ] [bibtex-entry]

  8. J. Serror. Réseaux d'interconnexion : tolérance aux pannes. Rapport de stage de Maîtrise, 2 mois, encadrant J.-C. Bermond, ENS Paris, 2004. [POSTSCRIPT ] [bibtex-entry]


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