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JDIR 2010 will be held at INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée.

How to reach the conference:
  • Arriving by plane:
    The international airport of Nice Côte d'Azur is 20km away from Sophia Antipolis. More information about the airport and flights can be found here. Once you arrive by plane at Nice airport, you have a choice of transportation options to reach your final destination. See bellow. Also, the Nice airport website contains a lot of informations.
  • Arriving by train:
    The nearest train station from Sophia Antipolis is Antibes. More information about routes, timetables, prices, and reservation can be found here.

  • From Nice airport to INRIA:
    You have two main options to go from the airport to INRIA Sophia Antipolis:
    • Taxi costs about 55€ and the trip is around 20min.
    • Bus 230 "Sophia Express" outside the airport terminals brings you directly in front of INRIA in Sophia Antipolis in 30 min for 1€. Timetables can be found here.
      (Bus 230 is a regular line useful to join Sophia Antipolis and the center of Nice)
      Bus driver should tell you where to go.
  • From INRIA to Nice airport:
    • Bus 230 "Nice Gare routière" in front of INRIA brings you directly to Nice airport in 30 min for 1€. Timetables can be found here.
      You must tell the bus driver that you are going to the airport. Some buses stopped at both Terminal 1 and 2, but some will stopped only 50m away from Terminal 1. If you have to reach Terminal 2, then go to Terminal 1 and take the free airport shuttle (every 5-10min).
    • Taxi costs about 55€ and the trip is around 20min.
  • From Nice airport to Antibes or Juan-les-Pins:
    You have several options depending on your arrival time. You will find all information on Nice airport website.
    • Bus 200 "Aéroport - Cannes RN7" will bring you to Antibes or Juan-les-Pins for 1€. Timetable can be found here.
    • Train: the train station "Nice Saint-Augustin" is 1km away from Terminal 1. You can either walk or take Bus 23 from Terminal 1. Maps and usefull informations can be found here.
      Then you can take a train to Antibes or Juan-les-Pins, depending on your hotel location. Timetable can be found on ter-sncf or sncf servers or on the more efficient Deutsche Bahn server....
    • Taxi...
  • From Antibes or Juan-les-Pins to Nice airport:
    You have again several options: bus, train or taxi. Same links and files than in the opposite direction.

  • Between Antibes and INRIA:
    There are several bus lines from Envibus, the public transportation company of Antibes:
    BusTicket priceDeparture stopArrival stop
    Line 1
    going to "Valbonne Village"
    1€Passerelle SNCFIUT
    (3 min walking distance from INRIA)
    Line 11
    going to "Le Bar sur Loup"
    1€Passerelle SNCFINRIA
    Line 100 Express
    going to "Gare routière Valbonne-Sophia Antipolis"
    FreePasserelle SNCFTempliers
    (5 min walking distance from INRIA)


Warning: There are no buses in Sophia Antipolis by night and during the week-ends. Personal car is strongly recommended if you decide to stay in hotels in Sophia Antipolis.

Shuttle buses between Antibes Juan-Les-Pins and INRIA are going to be available for the participants. The shuttle stops and schedules are explained above.

Official travel guide of Antibes Juan-Les-Pins

Selected Hotels:
HotelsRoom rates/nightBreakfastTaxes/pers/day
1Hotel de l'Etoile**single: 54/59€,  double: 63/67€6.50€included
2Hotel le Collier**single: 60€,   double: 70€8€0.70€
3Hotel Courbet**single/double: 61.30/65.60€7€0.70€
4Hotel Astor**single/double: 68€7€0.70€
5Hotel Méditerranée**single/double: 75€6€1€
6Hotel Alexandra**single: 50€,  double: 75/82€7.50€0.70€
7Hotel la Marjolaine**single: 70€,   double: 76/88€7€0.70€
8Hotel le Pré Catelan***single: 120€,  double: 125/168€12€1€
9Hotel Astoria - Best Western***single: 119/140€,  double: 125/145€9.50€1€
10Hotel du Mas Djoliba***single: 125€,  double: 200€11€included

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