Two examples for the Titlepage mechanism of Tralics

We give here two examples of the use of a configuration file: config_tpa. First example: put it in the file tpa.tex, and run it via tralics tpa -configfile config_tpa. Explanations can be found here.

\def\Title{Titlepage customisation in Tralics}

\author{José Grimm}

\Paris \URsop

\sParis \sURsop \sURlor

This is an abstract with \par some paragraphs in it\par ok ?

This is an abstract without paragraphs in it
\pabstract{Another abstract \par with \par in it}
\abstractalias{Another abstract without par}




Second example file for the titlepage command.



\title{Fourier coefficients for simple $L^\infty$ functions}
\alttitle{Coefficients Fourier pour fonctions  $L^\infty$ simples}
\author{\firstname{Donald} \middlename{E.} \lastname{Knuth}} 

\address{\TeX\ Users Group \\P.O. Box 869\\
Santa Barbara, CA 93102-0869 USA}


\subjclass{11M26,  11M36, 11S40}

\keywords{simple $L^\infty$ functions, lambda function}

\altkeywords{fonctions  $L^\infty$ simples, fonction lambda}

\daterecieved{2004-06-14}%{14 juin 2004}
\dateaccepted{2004-12-09}%{9 décembre 2004}

  This is an abstract with a beautiful inline formula % Comment!
  $\lambda_n(\pi) = \frac{N}{2} n \log n + C_1(\pi) n + 
   O(\sqrt{n}\log{n})$, where $C_1(\pi)$ is a real-valued constant.

  Mon résumé avec ma formule
  $\lambda_n(\pi) = \frac{N}{2} n \log n + C_1(\pi) n + 
   O(\sqrt{n}\log{n})$, où $C_1(\pi)$ est une constante réelle.



The content of the document is unimportant.
We have a simple math formula $\alpha=\beta$
and two references \cite{Ba03} and \cite{BPY1}



Bibtex file for the second example:

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