ChangeLog for the Tralics software version 1 through 2.13


Version 1.5

  1. [date unknown]
    \hspace allowed in maths. For instance $I\hspace{-0.1cm}R^n$; Not bad in Pdf, not recognized by amaya.
    The file wmachin.cfg is not created if invalid (following a mail of Vincent Lefèvre).
    Tralics looks at the shell variable TRALICSDIR before RAWEBDIR.
    Tralics copies catalog.src in catalog in the current working dir replacing source_directory by whatever needed (catalog.src is a new file, to be added in the package).
    \includegraphics{}, \includegraphics{a.b.c} are translated into <graphics file='toto'/> <graphics file='a.b.c'/>.
    Correction of a silly bug for the Sharp Team.
    A second one.
    The error message Non character found in environment name: becomes Non-character found in \includegraphics.
    (For the Sharp Team). Added a new error message that reads Things like {\'{}} are a bit strange (they use it for an apostrophe).
    Implementation of \uppercase, \lowercase, \MakeUppercase, \MakeLowercase.
    Add/test of the commands \oe\OE\o\O\ae\AE\dh\DH\dj\DJ\l\L\ng\NG\ss\SS\th\TH (\ng, \NG do not work, \dj is strange).
    Problem \oe does not work in HTML.
    \mbox{\sc Vasy} is translated as {\sc Vasy}.
    \begin{quote} ... \end{quote} is OK.
    Idem with flushleft and flushright.
    \raggedleft \raggedright OK. (must modify rawebhtml.xsl and rawebfo.xsl).
    \begin{wrapfigure}{x}{y} ... \end{wrapfigure} is handled as \begin{figure}[x] ... \end{figure}. (putting a figure near some text works only if somebody checks that the layout is OK).
    Silly bug. You should not see something like Checked 1 keyword env with 14 keywords (13 unique) because there are 15 words, all different.
    \ensuremath{\alpha} works.
    $\ensuremath{\beta}$ puts too many braces, but there are other functions that do the same. Must correct this one day.

Version 1.6

  1. [date unknown]
    Implementation of \@ifundefined, \@ifstar, \@ifnextchar, \typeout.
    Added option interactivemath. This prints the formulas on the the screen. No file is read.
    Instead of a message like Undefined command \eta; command code = 157 you get Math only command \eta. Missing dollar not inserted.
    Definition of \begin{sloppypar} ... \end{sloppypar}.
    In an url, \~ is converted to a ~.
    In an url, _ is of catcode 13, and not 11, it is defined to be identical to \_. (problem of toto\_titi_tata).
    Definition of \epsfbox.
    A construction like $7^{\mbox{\scriptsize \it i\`{e}me}}$ works. It is like 7\ieme.
    Added \P, it is like .
    Added \line \put \bezier \qbezier \vector \thicklines \thinlines \dashlike \drawline \dotteline.
    \begin{minipage}[][][]{} ... \end{minipage} is translated.
    Implementation of \begin{xmlelement} ... \end{xmlelement}.
  2. Version 1.6b [date unknown]
    Implementation of \hbox, \vbox, \xbox etc.
    Silly bug \def\foo\xbox{\foo}{} loops without end.
    Correction of bugs in a token list.
    Bug in <<~ : superfluous space.
    Bug in \medskip\par\noindent.
    Added \mbox, \fbox, \makebox, \framebox with the syntax of picture.
    Added the picture environment.
    Added comment environnement.
    If the final brace \end{module} is missing Tralics does not say : Unexpected end of file but indicates the line containing the \end.
    If you say \htmladdnormallink{toto}(titi) (parentheses instead of braces) the error will be: Invalid URL value.
  3. Version 1.6c [date unknown]
    Bug correction: the second \par in \par toto \par titi was ignored (synchronisation problem).
    Added \let\debugfalse\relax.
    Instead of putting the biblio in toto.bbl, I put it in toto_.bbl.
    Bug of \{ and \} in math mode, not completely handled.
    Bug of \item[{\bf x}]; braces disappear.
    Bug of \begin{Verbatim} [numbers=true]; the test of optional argument is strange.
    Bug of \, among others in math mode; there is an unwanted <mo>.
    Bug: editeur twice in case of @conference.
    Bug of \newcount{toto}[titi], the \let\cl@toto\@empty did ignore the reference count.
    Other bug in the biblio.
    $$toto$$titi inserts a \par\noindent.
    If you say \newcommand{\Athapascan0}{ok} the error message will be Attempt to define: \Athapascan 0, Error signaled at line 188: Only one token allowed in argument list.
    \moduleref[1539]{PROJET}{section}{module} is an error, because I don't know how to translate into English (Everybody knows Marignan 1515).
  4. Version 1.6d [date unknown]
    Implementation of \dotsc \dotsb \dotsi \dotsm it's like \dots.
    \geqslant, \leqslant ok.
    [raweb-cfg.sty] \ell works fine.
    \not= and \not\in work.
    [rawebfo.xsl] added separateur.objet in citation/xref.
    Problem of \href{\url{&}}{&} This is accepted by the translator, but conversion to Pdf fails.
    Environment cases implemented.
    [raweb-cfg.sty] problem with \item : bullet non centered if TeX decides to start a new page because of the \penalty of the \item.
    Tralics signals an error if a) you say \label{x} \label{x}, b) you say \ref{x} without the associated \label, c) you say \ref and the label disappears [thanks JB Pomet].
    a\over b gives <mfrac> rather than a <mover> [pb. I. Vatton].
    Added namespaces in math elements.
    Order of biblio references changed.
    Implementation of \input, \endinput, \IfFileExists, \InputIfFileExists.
    Bug corrections: in \small, nothing happened; in \setbox3=\hbox{}, assignment was local; {\large \hbox{\small x}} gave an empty <large> in the hbox.
    \newcommand\foo{\begin{latexonly}... calls abort, instead of memory fault (project Trec).
    Some (Sans titre) disappear, other become (Sans Titre).

Version 1.7

  1. [date unknown]
    In bibtex, if the citation is numeric, optional argument in the alpha key.
    Partial handling of \begin inside comments.
    \catcode160=10. Said otherwise, nonbreakspace is considered as a normal space.
    Message duplicate field ignored becomes duplicate field `note' ignored, in the case of a note.
    \href{toto}{\url{titi}} gives two errors unexpected element hi, invalid url value. the first message becomes: unexpected font change tt. if the second is printed, it will be you should perhaps use \href{\url{x}}{y} instead of \href{y}{\url{x}}.
    editor = "\textsc{toto}" in the biblio gives unexpected font change sc. maybe you confused Publisher with Editor.
    Bug corrections: \c{c} OK in a bibname; \v{c} OK ; \a'{e} OK.
    Some new commands: \sharp \natural \flat \oval \updownarrow \thinspace.
    Message Module name already seen replaced by Module name `result' already seen.
    $_$ give no memory fault but Math formula should not finish with _
    Calling tralics -all works.
  2. [Version 1.7a, 2002-12-20]
    \htmladdnormallinkfoot{x}{\url{y}} works.
    \label{foo-bar} and \label{foo+bar} are now distinct.
    Bug correction \begin{table}\begin{tabular}... is OK.
    Order of bibliographic references is not hard-coded.
    \includegraphics{foo:bar} is OK...
    Corrected a bug in the date (first month=0).
    Bug in simplemath ($x$=$y$ gave y=y).
    Bug in bibtex crossref management (copy of wrong thing).
    read_config_file : is OK now.
    Tralics accepts now empty input files.
    bug in etal....
    bug in \epsfig 3pt translated to 3fil.
    bug in \pers{...}{...}[{\sc xx}] strange scope.
    missing attribute, in last cell of a tabular.
    added \leavevmode before \begin{tabular}.
    Problems with tables.
    \footcite puts a space before.

Version 1.8

  1. [date unknown] Bug in mem_alloc of titlepage::check_size.
    Removed error message command code=17 in case of undefined command/environment.
    More explicit warnings.
    More realistic implementation of \write-1.
    Added space in message restoringinteger value.
    \end{document} calls \endinput.
    Changed the log.
    Only one push_par.
    Added a function ok_for_label.
    Removed label_arg, it is useless now.
    Removed a fatal error.
    Added \AtBeginDocument \AtEndDocument.
    Renamed xxx_val_type as it_xxx.
    Renamed xxx_del as del_xxx.
    Renamed xxx_mode as mode_xxx.
    All command names finish with _cmd..
    Removal of global variables : cur_level, unexpected_seen_hi, global_in_url.
    Added \AddAttToLast*.
  2. [2003-06-18]
    Added support for Topics.
    Replaced amac by miaou.
    Changed a little the banner.
  3. [Version 1.8b, 2003-06-18]
    Functions mk_acc, fetch_accent put in class Parser.
    These functions are private.
    Changed the names of the section.
    Raweb sections names now in cls file.
    Details. Renamed hashtab::boot() as hashtab::hashtab().
    Some functions are private.
    Some functions are const.
    Added a class for macros, named mactab.
    Replaced some ostring by string.
    Removed hashtab::new_math.
    Removed math_table from hashtab.
    Added ctoken::ctoken(stoken).
    Removed function Parser::the_catcode.
    Added class save_catcode.
    Removed error_stack and tmp_error_stack, and changed the error mechanism.
    Everything printed on the tty is also printed on the log file.
    Removed function fiche_ur.
    Removed command \localisation.
    Removed nb_sec2_mods.
    Replaced nouveau module by new module.
    Value of pdftitle is now Activity report.
    Removed references to lg_file.
    [checked_stat] Some data are private.
    modlist is now a vector, cur_module is current module.
    \project is an alias for \projet.
    Team instead of projet in all messages.
    Removed a goto.
    Variable ref_list is now a vector.
    logger_ctl removed (was useless) and printed a useless 0.
    The short_name attribute of module is machine generated.
    Added short_module name as new argument to Parser::T_start_ramodule.
    [modname] File miaou_contrats_FT becomes miaou_module33.tex.
    Removed class module_list_item.
    \begin{module}[]{domaine}{chapeau}{} is OK.
    Corrected a bug in Buffer::check_moduleref.
    Variable the_projetval is now a field of main_data.
    Variable the_env is now a vector.
    Changed the algo for printing the moreinfo stuff.
    Variable themod_cher is now a vector.
    Variable all_heads is a vector.
    Added option -noxmlerror.
    hyperref.cfg contains Team or Project-Team.
  4. [ Version 1.8f date unknown]
    Removed the Main::signal_error() function.
    Removed main_data::fatal_err, added bad3, changed bad1.
    No more tmp_int_to_string.
    Funny bug: {\catcode`\é=7 ééab} was wrong (double bug).
    Removed print_token.
    Added void Buffer::add(scaled_int V, glue_spec unit).
    Another bug corrected.
    File txbib.C changed.
    cite:gaujal-jcss?? not transformed to cite:gaujal-jcss--.
    Removed Buffer::normalise().
    Variable job_name is in main_data. Printed in case of error.
    Printing of Fatal_error for every fatal message on log_and_tty.
    No more concat.
    Function double_hat and 2 other ones replaced by a single function.
    Call to flush_buffer in case of error.
    Bug corrected in is_verbatim_end.
    [special_hash]: two vector<string>. It's easier.
    \includegraphics[=foo,clip=]{...} OK.
    \escapechar=-1 does something sensible.
    Replacement of string_table by vector<string>.
    Use a vector in pack_matcher and other bug corrections.
    New class arith that contains radix and error and functions.
    Variable the_save_stack is a vector.
    Overflow in counter is no more fatal.
    Modified read_mac_body and read_delimited in order to share .
    Guillemets and space.
    Working on FP.
    Added some missing math symbols.
    [token_list]: new methods front, back, push_front, push_back, pop_front, pop_back.
    End-of-line character is now carriage return, not line-feed.
    T_arg1 takes 2 arguments.
    Lots of elements have a name that can be changed.
    Type Token is now a class.
    Moved make_catcodes into tralics.C.
    Renamed oparen_code etc to oparen_cmd.
    Moved all global tokens into the hash_table.
    \verb is now in translate, not expand.
    \par is allowed in a caption (like in a footnote).
    \usepackage[french,english]{babel} is OK.
    Implemented tex fonts...
    Removed all stoken and ctoken.
    Added: \read \openin \closein.
    Parser::get_token() instead of Parser::get_next().
    \textfont scriptfont \scriptscriptfont ok.
    tralics /toto/titi.tex generates an error, rather than trying to open w/toto/titi.tex.
    \fnsymbol is OK.
    All variables st_pos_XXX in str_hash.
    Replaced stack.get_mode()==mode_v by stack.in_v_mode().
    Spaces are now traced.
    Init messages sent to log_and_tty.
    Figure ./foo/ transforms into foo/
    Message: \~{} is the wrong way to put a tilde in an URL.

Version 1.9

  1. [Version 1.9b date unknown]
    New includes txparser.h txtoken.h txfonts.h txlogger.h.
    #include<stdio.h> is now in tralics.h.
    lex_type in now unused.
    old_catcodes moved into Parser.
    verbatim_chars moved into Parser.
    token_to_list is now useless.
    Token::val is private.
    Token::Token(int) is now explicit.
    Added a new option that avoids year errors in the bibliography.
    Add a new class log_or_tty.
    If the option -verbose is not used, then (not done) is not printed.
    \show\foo gives: \foo=macro: #1\bar ->x{} (à la TeX without \n).
    \show upgraded.
    \show prints also in the log file.
    Correction of: There was no image image.
    No <biblio/> if biblio is empty.
    The name of the .bib file is in the _bbl.
    Better error message in the case of \a{} and \a{toto}.
    \meaning works as in TeX.
    Correction of a bug in \SaveVerb \UseVerb.
  2. [Version 1.9c, date unknown]
    \font\foo=cmr10 at 30pt \show\foo works.
    Don't start in RA mode if standard or no \documentclass.
    Corrected a bug in see_tex_ext (forgotten finish_string).
    String stats: the sum of String+string is printed.
    Tralics stops after 1000 errors.
    Removed Main::initialised.
    Replacement of bauteurs and bediteur by bauthors and beditors.
    If I do \bibitem, I do not add it to the rest.
    Some functions in txbib.h are private.
    version_string moved to file txmain.C.
  3. [Version 1.9d, 2003-09-20]
    Added option -configfile .
    [fp_num::div]: n can be negative.
    Removed some commas and semi-colons so as to remove warnings on sun like
    "txbuffer.C", line 1265: Error: Cannot use const char* to initialize char*.
    "txbuffer.C", line 524: Warning: k hides the same name in an outer scope.
    Buffer::convert replaced by Buffer::convert_to_str() const.
    Removed implicit conversion from Buffer to String then string.
    Buffer::the_characters() renamed to Buffer::c_str().
    Removed all calls to sprintf.
    Buffer::see_something argument is a const String[], without backslash.
    Missing comma added in bad_commands1.
    bug correction: missing finish_string in Buffer::see_year.
    bug correction: missing finish_string in bibentry::numeric_label.
  4. [Version 1.9e, 2003-10-06]
    Removed Buffer::insert_braced() (same as add_braced).
    Message \begin catperso (ligne 27) ... \end xcatperso replaced by \begin{catperso} (line 27) ... \end{xcatperso}.
    read_a_file and read_a_file_spec: same function.
    module::sec_string is useless.
    Removed: rc_space, convert_dim_to_space, a_dim_to_pt, convert_dim.
    Removed tests for \def, \let, \newif etc.
    Instead of: They were 1 Sanstitre handled there is now: There was 1 NoTitle handled.
    [bibtexerr]: seeing a } changes the error type.
    Added a field file_name in line_ptr.
    Added a line number in the error messages of bibtex.
    Dynamic memory in txmath.C.
    Parser::math_argument replaced by before_mac_arg(); watch for differences as in $a\hbox{}b$.
    Bibtex error messages start with Error and end with a period.
    \c{C} is ok.
    In the case of error: too many commas and empty name, the string is printed.
    Errors detected while reading a bibtex file are better handled.
    The log starts with: Trace of tralics XX for file YY (XX= version number).
    [array_info]: fields are private.
    The attributes table is dynamic. The size was 10000 (5993 for Sosso).
    Correction of bug (idem).
    Supression of XML stats if tralics -ps.
    Bug in do_indexing.
    tralics -check executes do_indexing, prints nothing.
    tralics -check does not create files _modules, _delcbis etc.
    Added some const in the files.
  5. [version 1.9i, 2003-10-16]
    Added constant level_zero and level_one.
    Anonymous enum changed to name_positions.
    Functions push_level and pop_level take another argument.
    Strange errors for $$\begin{array}{cc}\mbox{\begin{tabular}{r|cc}....
    Renamed Parser::thebuf to Parser::unprocessed_xml.
    For Stack::push1, second arg is a name_positions, first arg is optional.
    For Stack::newid0, arg is a name_position.
    For Parser::T_arg1, Parser::T_arg1_opt: second arg is a name_positions.
    Added Parser::nT_next_arg(), Parser::nT_next_optarg().
    In txpost.C: removed code dealing with mylabel.
    Renamed st_pos_foo into sp_foo.
    Removed Stack:add_att_to_last(string,string).
    Renamed Parser::buffer to Parser::input_buffer.
    Re-implemented str_hash::find .
    Added a new file txfonts.C.
    Function Parser::get_token returns a boolean: true if invalid.
    Added some tests...
    Functions made private in txmath.h.
    Idem for xmlaction.
    Bug correction: \typeprojet : \localisation is obsolete.
    Buffer::get_wptr() replaced by Buffer::length().
    Special hack for macros like \empty.
    Some equivalents are defined at level one.
    Field math::name defaults to empty string, not null pointer (avoids core dump in scan_math_aux).
    Bug in math::handle_mbox fixed.
    Instead of: Label multiply defined apprentissage2 we have : Label 'apprentissage2' multiply defined (first use line 625).
    Instead of: undefined label track-arche we have : undefined label `track-arche' (first use at line 748).
    No more Strange keywords cha\^{\i}nes.
    Removed final dot in keywords.
    This is a valid keyword: c{\oe}ur.
    Implemented \oldstylenums like \textsuperscript and \textsubscript.
    Implemented \linebreak and \nolinebreak as no-op with optional argument.
    Tralics counts lines properly for Unix, Mac and Windows.
    If you say EDITOR = {A. Drouin & G. Eude & J.Robert} you get an error of the form bad syntax in author or editor name.
  6. [version 1.9j, 2003-10-24]
    Added special hack for empty macros everywhere.
    Better error message for \addtolength{toto}{2cm}.
    Same for \addtolength{\toto}{2cm}.
    This is an error now: \setlength{2}{4cm}, \addtolength{x}{3cm}.
    Corrected error message for \DefineShortVerb{a}.
    Command \ifeof works now.
    {\escapechar=-1 \string\foo} gives foo.
    Implemented \openout, \write and \closeout.
    Tralics signals unterminated \if conditions.
    This is ok: \iffalse \FPiflt{1}{2} \fi \toto \fi .
    Evaluating $\undef$ generates an understandable message.
    Evaluating $a^b^c$ gives now : double superscript.
  7. [version 1.9k, 2003-10-30]
    Added a missing flush_buffer() in \bibitem.
    Command \newline invalid in table.
    Function T_bibitem was completely wrong...
    Attribute rowspan replaced by columnspan in math tables.
    Added a use_all_sizes option.
    Split file txparser.C into two parts. txscan.C is a new file.
    There is an indication in the log file whenever Tralics opens/closes a file.
    Commands \input and \endinput are fully expanded.
    Calls \input{foo} and \input foo are OK.
    Implicit call of save_the_state for \input (needed for \input A\input B).
    Functions \openin and \closein are always traced, but only sometimes on the tty.
    Call \catcode `\A=9 works now.
    Function get_token completely rewritten.
    [print_mods]: this_line is never zero.
    Added a Stats object that collects a lot of statistics.
  8. [Version 1.9l, 2003-11-14]
    Replaced scan_four_bit_ints by 3 functions.
    Implemented DOI (Digital Object Identifier).
    Added a -utf8, -latin1 option.
    \the\par generates the same error as in TeX.
    Use anonymous namespace instead of static variable.
    Removed xmlstats...
    Added more Ctor to xml_action.
    Made clines, math_p_aux, math_elt, token_elt, cond_aux subclasses of other classes.
    Corrected a bug for multi \UR.
  9. [Version 1.9m, 2003-12-10]
    \> has now the value \medmuskip.
    \, \> \: \! : same values as in MathML TR.
    $\bigl[\frac{1}{a^2}\bigr[$ works.
    $\ensuremath{\cal} X$ yields \cal.
    \RAsection calls leave_h_mode.
    Corrected bug \begin{module}...text\end{module}.
    Added \underleftarrow \underrightarrow.
    \linebreak, \nolinebreak \pagebreak \nopagebreak -> ok.
    \urlfont and url_font in .tralics_rc.
    xmlelement environment changed.
    Bug correction in \AtBeginDocument.
    No spaces from bootstrap code.
  10. [version 1.9n, 2003-12-16]
    Quotes ``foo'' -> gives the word foo.
    You can use \begin{split}.
    Added \tfrac as alternative to \frac and \dfrac.
    Added \genfrac#1#2#3#4#5.
    Added \DeclareRobustCommand.
    Script placement of \lim_{x=0} and \sin^2(x) not the same.
    Use of a mstyle element, according to MathML standards.
    Bug in \underset.
  11. [version 1.9o, 2003-12-22]
    Character ~ is now active, expands to ~ of catcode 12.
    If \def\foo#1 #2{}, then a newline is a separator between #1 and #2.
    Added \bye, same as \endinput.
  12. [version 1.9p, 2004-01-09]
    Some corrections on long arrows.
    Scope: \paragraph{\bf foo} : only foo is in \bf.
  13. [version 1.9q, 2004-01-09]
    Added a space after the label of subfigure.
    Replaced type Token by token.
    Replaced type Stack by stack, and stack by my_stack.
    Replaced type Modes by mode.
    Replaced type Parser by parser.
    Added classes eqtb_dim, save_aux_dim, and eqtb_dim_table.
    Changed Copyright miaou/apics.
    Made nested environments work.
    Added \let\verbatimfont\tt\let\verbatimnumberfont\small.
    Changed \unitlength to an internal dimension.
    Added \textheight=427pt, \textwidth=570pt
    Make ampersand in url work: they are like \char9738 (signaled by Alain Giraud).
    Added remove_last_space() for \multicolumn.
    Changed: Braces in math argument.
  14. [2004-01-15]
    Changed \pers to use \@pers.
    Change: \pers{a}{b}[c ] trailing space removed.
    Added \tralicsversion.
    Bug: scan_int at end of token list pushes back an invalid token.
    Change \setcounter{bar}{17} gives Unknown counter `bar'.
    Added a feature that counts cr-lf as two characters for Windows. So that the number of bytes printed is what claimed.
    Added trace of \loop.
    Seeing a closing brace does not call flush_buffer(); call done only by save_aux_font::unsave.
    Bug in trace_if fixed. Fct if_serial moved from parser class to condition.
  15. [2004-01-22]
    Changed array_info, it holds two vectors : u and v.
    Renamed class Buffer as buffer.
    Added support for German.
    Change: flush_buffer does not create a useless XML element.
    Made code of \par and Co clearer.
    Entities: Tralics may output &#xA0; instead of &nbsp;.
    This prints OK: \expandafter\show\csname^^I^^85^^97\endcsname.
    Bug: \catcode`\^^I does not change the catcode of space.
    First cell in table does not start with space.
    Bug: \dj\DJ is OK now.
  16. [2004-01-24]
    Commands added for \=t\=T\=h\=H etc.
    Correction to: `Seeing a closing brace does not call flush_buffer();' needed also in by save_aux_boxend::unsave.
    Changed the type of math chars between 192 and 256.
    Corrected translation of \'i\"E.
    Added some characters.
    Added \texteuro.
    Change: \glo does not enter no_mode unless it was in this mode.
    Better debug in case of abort() because of no-mode.
    Added \newdimen\itemsep in the preamble.
  17. [version 1.9t, 2004-01-30]
    Bug fixed in check_for_alias_type.
    Bug fixed: \url{#} is ok, because # is active, bound to \# (MPD for compsys).
    Bug in evaluate_now fixed.
    Titlepage works as explained in the Doc.
  18. [2004-02-02]
    Bug fixed in \endinput.
    Added option -notrivialmath.
    Titlepage hacked a bit. Made things more general.
    Added a semi-colon after see_image.
    Language attribute name in main element is defined in the config file.
    Added \include.
    Fixed: \end{module} restores the mode (v,h etc).
    Recoded the minipage environment.
    Bug fix: minipage sets locally centering to 0.
    New feature. Commands \makebox \framebox : pos argument handled.
    Bug fix: Underscore char in file name are allowed.
    Bug fix: \usepackage[canadien,german,austrian]{babel}.
    Added variable in_load_handler for the problem of underscore in file names.
    Bug fix: \fbox{\includegraphics{../../tralics/TEST/a_b.eps}}.
    Added variable cur_file_name. Used for errors.
    Bug in \centering fixed.
    Added \scalebox{}{}.
    Implemented \tabular*.
    In the interactive case, \stop switches to non-interactive.
    Added option -shell-escape.
    Added Zapf Dingbats.
    Added various symbols from textcomp: \textcelsius \textwon \textnaira \textlira \textflorin \textdong \textperthousand \textpertenthousand \trextreferencemark \textdagget \textdaggerdbl \textgravedbl \textacutedbl \textasciigrave \textasciiacutex \textlquill \textrquill \textohm \textmho \textnumero \textcircledP \textrecipe \textservicemark \textestimated \textbullet \textinterrobang.
  19. [2004-02-10]
    Added a new file txcommands.C.
    Added a new data structure: cmd_chr.
    No more ~ of catcode 12.
    Removed some useless code.
    Re-implemented the stack.
    Change: att_list::add : does nothing if value is zero.
    Spaces are not logged in vertical mode.
    Removed xml::xml(string,int,bool).
    Removed buffer::array_spec2.
    Removed att_list::array_spec0.
    Added \newcolumntype.
    Change: \cline allowed only after \\.
    Re-implemented array. >{\large\bfseries 2}l <{y}| is now Ok. Thus \cr is added somewhere. Even at end of table.
    Removed useless xml::finish_tabular().
  20. [2004-02-14]
    Reimplemented \multicolumn.
    Bug fix with isframe("cell").
    Added parameterisation code. Corrected bugs.
    Added \let\par\@empty in a table, particip and catperso.
    Added a new file: txarray.C.
    Spaces at end of cell removed.
    Bug fix: \includegraphics[height=.3\textheight]{...}.
    Removed parser::pack. Some const added.
    Removed no_for_eof hack.
    Ordered txparser.h in alphabetic order, and put everything private if possible.
    Added option footnotehack.
    Fix. stack::add_nl() adds a newline only if there is none.
    Replaced buffer::remove_last_nl() by stack::remove_last_space used instead. This removes all spaces before a </p>.
    Optional argument of \makebox is implemented.
    Bug fix in scan_glue.
  21. [2004-02-19]
    Changed default compilation mode. it is non-ra. dft defaults to 3.
    The list of themes is no more hard-coded.
    Bug fix $\hspace*{}1cm$.
    Bug fix. \vskip\vskip call scan_glue 3 times. Thus find_special_scaled is useless, removed.
    Added \bigskip, same as \vskip12pt.
    Added \ignorespaces.
    Bug fix: \vdots outside math.
    Marks added.
    Added \arc\bigcircle\closecurve\curve\scaleputtagcurve.
    Added token_list_to_att.
    Bug fix \begin{minipage}{\dimension}....
  22. [2004-02-24]
    Implemented \newtheorem.
    Removed special hack for verbatim parsing.
    Added ^^^^ABCD support.
    Changed the token organisation.
    Moved SH out of the stack.

Version 2.0

  1. [2004-02-27]
    Implemented mathstyle.
    Bug fix. \genfrac chooses the right style.
    Added \penalty.
    Bug fix: All tokens are printed OK now.
    Added a -silent option.
    Split txmath.C into two parts.
    [2004-03-01] Renamed Main and Project classes.
    UR lists can be configured.
    Removed array_info::~array_info(), because of bugs.
    Bug fix: \string~ is OK.
    Added \mkern \mskip.
  2. [2004-03-09]
    [Raweb] Sections are no more hard coded.
    Added \lastbox.
    Added file txstring.h; data structure istring added.
    [Raweb] Removed hacks for the presentation section.
    Removed math_dimen_attrib.
    Corrected hash code of null string.
    Added a class user_param.
    Changed buffer size to 256.
  3. [2004-03-08]
    The default is not to construct the word list.
    Reordered name-positions in alphabetic order.
    Bug fix in token::tex_is_digit.
    Silly bug in \count@=222\ifodd\count@ 1 \else 2\fi.
    Added \hrule\vrule.
    Change: \begin{document} is more restricted.
    Fixed \MakeUppercase{\i\j}.
    Moved handling_ra in user_param.
    Added a cstu_cmd code, in order to reduce number of cst1_cmd.
    Added some Unicode characters between U+0180 and U+0233, those between U+1E00 and U+1EFF.
  4. [2004-03-16]
    Bug fix in eqnarray column specs.
    Change. \char256 is now printed as &#x100;.
    Added \lgroup\rgroup\lmoustache\rmoustache.
    Fix. \setcounter{foo}{-1}\alph{foo} says something more sensible than Counter too large.
    Bug fix. parser::T_twoints calls scanint, not scan_dimen.
    Change. \xmlemptyelt does not start a paragraph.
    Removed things like alph_code+10.
    Change in latex_ctr: fully expandable (includes \arabic, \@alph, ...).
    Implemented \frame \dashbox.
    Bug fix. \unnumberedverbatim has no effect on Verbatim.
    Added \unhbox etc.
  5. [2004-03-16]
    Bug correction in scan_int_digs : In the case of \box{123} only one error is signaled.
    Added \showlists.
    Bug fix: \showthe and \showbox print to transcript and tty.
    Added a name to every buffer (for debug). Reduced the default size of a buffer to 128.
    Added \OR\AND\NOT\isundefined in if-then-else.
    Removed one of the splitter buffers.
    Added \newtoks.
  6. [2004-04-05]
    Removed in_biblio_key.
    Removed noparindent.
    Added some \every... commands.
    Bug fix: \everydisplay\everymath dumped core.
    Removed finish_string, buffer is always 0-terminated.
  7. [2004-04-05]
    Modified the xml class. Is a pointer, with a vector.
    Change. parser::get_x_token returns a bool.
    Added function parser::T_newline.
    Always check before adding an attribute to a list.
    Removed Parameter #1 of scan_something_internal .
    Bug fix \dimen0=\wd1 is ok.
    Added option q in titlepage.
    Bug fix. \newtheorem*{problem}{Problem} is OK now.
    Titlepage hook added.
    Bug fix \let\foo#\def\A\foo1\foo2{\foo1}.
    You may see: \renewenvironment: cannot define \xxx.
    You cannot say \newcounter{AA}\newcounter{AA}.

version 2.1

  1. [version 2.1a, 2004-05-14]
    Bug fix {\def\relax{0}\edef\foo{\ifnum0=0\fi}}.
    Details added.
    Change: undef_cmd is now max_command +1, and \if\undef\undef\fi complains.
    Bug fixed in \romannumeral.
    Bug fixed in \ifmmode.
    Typo in mstyle.
  2. [2004-05-28]
    [raweb] Removed check of \moduleref in txcheck.C.
    [raweb] Removed check of \input in txcheck.C.
    [raweb] Commands \loadbiblio and \maketitle are made \relax by txcheck, and are no more removed.
    The name of \caption in a figure can be parameterized by xml_scaption_name.
  3. [2004-05-01, version 2.1c]
    There is a perl script, called that calls latex, and other external processes.
    Bug fix: math::mk_space generates a proper object.
    Change: mc_table is a list of XML objects.
    All math elements are proper math objects.
    And no buffer needed for math boot.
    File tralics_rc is now under CVS, in the tralics dir.
    Underscore allowed in bibliography name.
    There is a \ignorespaces after \begin{document}.
    Made example 8-2-28 work.
    [raweb] Removed the \typeprojet command.
    [raweb] Removed the \debugfalse command.
    Implemented \Box\dddot\ddot\mathcircle.
    Different names in config file for figure and graphic.
    Corrected \dfrac.
    Implemented \bmod \mod \pmod \pod.
    Corrected \textbullet.
    New feature. Fonts changes generate attributes, or elements.
    \sc and \fsc use the same font.
  4. [2004-07-08]
    Bug fix. \newcommand\bar{} defines the command, even after error.
    Bug fix. Adding two positive dimensions gives always a positive result (even in case of overflow).
    Added \date.
    Added \dag\ddag.
    Replaced entity &ZeroWidthSpace; by &#x200B;.
    Removed function my_abort().
  5. [2004-07-14]
    Fixed \FPeval.
    Added \parbox.
    Removed useless stuff from txmain.C.

version 2.2

  1. [version 2.2]
    Trace changed. You will see {end-group character }}.
  2. [version 2.2(pl1)]
    In case of errors, whole usage not always shown.
    [raweb] Changed handling of \maketitle and \loadbiblio.
    Option -debug does the right thing.
    Added utf8 mode for input.
    Bug fix in option -noundefmac.
    Corrected bug in T_twoints.
  3. [version 2.2(pl3)]
    Moved mu_glue in the glue table.
    Improved tracing for registers.
    Improved tracing for \divide.
  4. [2004-09-08, version 2.2pl4]
    Bug in \footnote{\url{~}} corrected.
    Changed \href, added \Href.
    \mathmn\mathmo \mathmi added.
  5. [version 2.2pl6]
    Instead of, you can use any other software.
    Avoids creating a transcript file for a non-existing input.
    Made math::convert_this_to_string() public.
  6. [version 2.2pl7]
    Replaced the Copyright notice by CeCILL.

version 2.3

  1. [version 2.3]
    [raweb] Removed abstract and body environment.
  2. [2004-10-30 version 2.3 pl2]
    Line number indicated in case of bad end verbatim.
    Space allowed before \end{verbatim}.
    Added \mathattribute.
  3. [version 2.3pl3]
    [raweb] You can say \bibliography{miaou2003.refer+refer}.
    Removed the message unexpandable command in expand? \cl@section.
  4. [version 2.3pl5]
    Bug fix. After \def\cs AB#1{}, the log file contains a space after the CS name.
    Bug fix for \long\outer\def.
    Change: You can use environments with one letter.
    Bug fix: scan_opt_arg removed braces twice.
    Bug fix: \par tokens are now forbidden in non-\long commands (they are a allowed in system defined commands).
    Implementation of \long\outer changed.
  5. [version 2.3pl6]
    Fixed a bug with last_att_list and realloc (bug signaled by Emmanuel Thomé).
    Fixed a bug for option -find_words.
    Signal error in case \def\foo{#0}.

version 2.4

  1. [2004-11-30, version 2.4]
    Bug fix: Underscore characters OK in \psfig{file=...}.
    Outer tokens are forbidden in a lot of situations.
    Added \verbprefix and \verbatimprefix
    Changed translation of $\epsilon \varepsilon$ to &#x3F5; &#x3B5; (bug signaled by Fabrice Rastello).
  2. [version 2.4pl1]
    No space between parenthesis and \footcite.
    Calls to \newcount always logged.
  3. [2004-12-06, version 2.4 (pl2)]
    Bug fix. \the\catcode\the\count@.
    Macros are printed as \Bar=macro: #1#->#1.
    [2004-12-21] Bug fix: Active ampersand produces ampersand (Gregoire Malandain).
    Changed printing of latex macros with optional argument as \fooiv=opt \long macro: bar#2#3->Seen#1#2#3.
  4. [2005-01-22, version 2.4 (pl4)]
    Bug fix: \leavevmode added before \cite (M.P. Durollet).
    raweb-cfg.sty: Handling of array modified.
    Bug fix in \multicolumn.
    Three \aftergroup commands added for implementing thinlines and thicklines.
    Fixed a bug; confusion between np_line_thickness and np_linethickness.
    Added \XMLaddatt.
    Bug Fix. In math mode, \hspace{...} did not work with newline as space because the_toks() uses category code 12. Newline now replaced by space. [D. Talay]
    Biblio strings read via fetch_name...
    New biblio implemented.
  5. [2005-02-10, version 2.4 (pl5)]
    xmltex: <mrow> implemented as a group.
    Translation ${x_y}_z$, the result contains a <mrow>.

version 2.5

  1. [2005-07-11, version 2.5 (pl1)]
    Bug fix: \bibitem[foo]{bar}.
    Change: Bibtex is booted twice now.
    Change: \begin{thebibliography} enters vmode.
    Change: Empty part and junior value not printed for \bpers.
    Change: The \cititem command leaves the mode unchanged.
    Change: \bpers gives only 1 error: should occur in bibliographic mode only.
    Change: Tralics is less verbose in silent mode.
    Bug fix: "\par works now in German.
    Configuration file identification dump changed.
    Change: \FPseed is an integer reference.
  2. [2005/07/25]
    Math environment always traced.
    Fixed \mathop{\rm sin}.
    Fixed $\ttfamily xy$.
    Config file in source.
    Changed algorithm for finding configuration file.
    Fixed \indent\noindent, is a no-op.
    Changed value of \quad outside math and of ~ inside math.
    Added some commands.
  3. [version 2.5pl7]
    Changed paragraph hacking.
    (raweb) Configuration changed: composition* says: no topics in compo.
    An error is signaled in case of scanint overflow (!!).
    Added \nocentering.
    Added escape_char in cases like : \let\foo\bar \show\foo.
    Countdef and Co are traced.

version 2.6

  1. [2005-08-09, version 2.6]
  2. [2005-09-05, version 2.6pl1]
    Wrong topics.
    Bug fix: Transcript file truncated in case \mathchardef\Xc=3 (signaled by Sebastian Öblom).
  3. [version 2.6pl2]
    Bug fix: \cline did not work correctly, because a carriage return was added between cells, and it was expected that only cells appear in a row.
  4. [version 2.6pl3]
    Bug fix: math_type of \models was wrong (misplaced close paren).
  5. [version 2.6pl4]
    Bug fix: Path of config file wrongly computed. (signaled by J.P. Talpin).
  6. [version 2.6pl5]
    Added a test that the file name is lower case only in raweb mode.
    [2006-01-13] Bug fix: CSS says that is not a valid dimension. Thus the figure env produces 3.0cm
    [2006-01-25] New: \# allowed in Math mode.
  7. [2006-01-30, version 2.6pl7 ]
    [txbib] Empty crossref ignored. Better debug otherwise.
    Empty glossaire is an error.

version 2.7

  1. [2006-04-02, version 2.7]
    Bibtex modifications. There is a field that contains the current year as an integer. 0 means missing, -1 means unparsable. If 2 chars given, then 06 is replaced by 2006, 96 by 1996.
    An error is signaled in a refer; if the year is 0, -1, cur-year, greater than cur-year; the entry is moved into the year section.
    Some braces are removed when sorting.
    Change: Finding profile on mac changed.
  2. [2006-06-12, version 2.7a]
    Fixed \unskip.
    Added \mathfrak.
    Added \@addml.
    Added \operatorname \DeclareMathOperator.
  3. [2006-06-14, version 2.7b]
    Changed \keywords to undefined by default. It is too dangerous to use the environment as a command.
    Added \choose \shoveleft \shoveright.
    Added environments multline aligned.
    Added \@firstoftwo and \@secondoftwo (in LaTeX syntax), \@ifbempty \@iftempty (in C++).
  4. [2006-06-14, version 2.7p4]
    Trying to print characters in no_mode is no more a fatal error; the mode is changed to argument_mode.
    Bug fix: if foo is empty, \input{foo}, Tralics crashes.
    Bug in push/pop input stack fixed; cur_input_stack is now a vector. Double pop avoided by checking the length. Name of file/virtual file added.
    If you say -noentnames, there are no more entity names, math mode also. Otherwise, generate &straightepsilon; and &varepsilon; instead of &#x3F5; and &#x3B5;.
    Easy part of bootstrap code is now written in C++.
    Reevaluate uses lines.split_string, comments are ok now.
  5. [2006-07-05, version 2.7p6, 2006-07-14, last patch for v2.7]
    Added lots of functions in file txcommands.C, so that each case in the big switch has less the 5 lines.
    Changed Raweb structure: removed some tests in txcheck.C.
    Added \@setmode.
    Changed production of keywords in the hyperref.cfg file.
    Changed the semantics of the \pers command.
    Changed biblio for the raweb.
    (raweb) Config file: ra is no more the first type. Clean up.
    (raweb) New argument for Tralics distinguish_refer_in_rabib
    Concept of tcf file added; all config files converted to tcf
    Changed directory structure of Tralics.
    UTF8 output is possible now.
    Removed all 8bit characters in configurations files.
    Removed all 8bit characters in the C++ sources.
    Added ra.tcf, tralics_rc has now a single type.
    Cleanup in txcommands.C. A big table is used instead of a function for cst1_cmd.
    \guillemotlet and \guillemotright produce a single character in this table.
  6. [2006-07-23]
    Following files added: txio.C tximage.h, txscaled.h, txid.h, txeqtb.h, txfp.h, txio.h, txstats.h, txpost.h, txcond.h, txatt.h, txhash.h, txxml.h, txtokenlist.h, txarray.h
    tralics.h contains no class definitions any more.
    Removed one global variable in txarray.
    att_list is essentially a vector.
    Simplified logic of T_par1.
    Converted line_ptr in a list.
    Renamed Language as att_language in config file.
    [raweb] Removed default for theme_vals, affiliation_vals, profession_vals, section_vals, ur_vals. Fatal error if missing.
    (raweb) Function sans_titre hacked.
    Option -hacknotitle added.
    rahandler: uses tralicsdir instead of rawebdir.
    Everything that was in the the old rawebdir now copied in the Tralics dir.
    Option distinguish_refer_in_rabib is true by default.
    (raweb) Implemented \refercite for the two latex classes.
    Removed temp_list data structure.
    Re-implemented token_list as a normal list.
    Re-implemented math lists also.
    Added classes math_f and math_q; removed three calls to 'abort'.
    Added two files txmath1.C and txmath1.h.
    Use #xab; notation for math chars.
    Added function buffer::add_int16ent.
    Added function buffer::real_utf8. The only function that produces chars.
    Bug fix: Translation of $\hbox{é<}$ is now OK.
    Bug fix: in nomathml mode, $\hbox{$x$}$ is ok.
    Added end_all_input_code command code. Now \end{document} is the real end.
    Fixed tralics foo -confdir=../confdir.
    No delay for the \addattributestodocument for DocAttrib.

Version 2.8

  1. [2006-08-01, version 2.8]
    Change in readline: killbuf is a string, history a vector of string
    Static functions are now in a namespace.
  2. [2006-08-06, version 2.8.1]
    Moved interpretation of config data in tralics.C.
    Added a file txaccent.C that handles all accents.
    Change: expansion of \a' is \'.
    Change: use \tracingmacros, for showing expansion of accents.
    Change double accent implementation. You can say \a'{\a^e}; error messages could be Error in accent, command = \'\^, Cannot put this accent on letter i.
    Change: If interactive, read config only if given as parameter.
    Changed again the algo for finding config file. Default value can be set in the Makefile. Otherwise in a new file txpath.h.
    Changed the file mktar. Now the tar contains a directory.
  3. [2006-08-08, version 2.8.2]
    Change. You can say $\S$, not $\textsection$ (both are valid in future versions).
    Changed expansion of \o\ae\aa\th\dh, and uppercase version, to characters. They are allowed in math mode.
    Added \caps \hl \st \so \ul. Use same method as \textsuperscript.
    Commands like \ier do not produce an entity anymore. Rather than, they are like \textsuperscript{er}\xspace.
    Added commands \list, \endlist, \usecounter.
  4. [2006-08-09, version 2.8.3]
    Added \@item, like \item, but replaces label by an attribute.
    Changed at-sign char to be letter while reading config file.
    Config file allows \let\item\@item.
    Bug fix for \xmlelt{}{-}.
    Added concept of xx.clt, xx.plt, xx.ult.
    Added an optional star after \input, \include, \InputIfFileExists.
    Changed \usepackage{foo,bar} to be the same as \usepackage{foo} and \usepackage{bar}.
    Bug fix: correct_type is now implicit for macros.
    Bug fix: Inserted missing flush_buffer in cst2_cmd, like \ieme.
  5. [2006-08-15, version 2.8.4]
    Change: Transcript file says date= 2006/01/02 03:04:05.
    Implemented filecontents environment.
    Bug fix \InputIfFileExists has three args.
    Feature: file foo.ult loaded only if document class exists.
    Added new file txclass.C.
    Bug fix \newenvironment{foo}[2]{}{#1} now invalid.
    Feature: All calls to file_exists are traced.
    Name change: Buffer, att_list: renamed add to push_back; buf << bf_reset is the same as buf.reset().
    Feature: Star after \chapter etc is handled. Default star in book, outside main matter
    Added \toplevelsection.
    You can say: tralics apics2006 -config=../confdir/ra.tcf (bug signaled by M.P. Durollet)
    Added count register \notrivialmath.
    implemented index mechanism.
    Bug fix: Array preamble accepts rlc of category other.
    Bug fix: Verbatim numbering OK now.
    Bug fix: Array preamble accepts a char declared ShortVerb.
    Option -nostraightquotes added.
    Bug fix: Implicit \noindent after \item[].
    Feature: Attlist number 3, 4, 5 reserved for index, TOC, biblio.
    Added \thanks as an alias to \footnote.
  6. [2006-09-04, version 2.8.5]
    Change: command \textasciicircum produces char U+2303.
    Change: Option -notrivial-math is the default, option trivial-math added.
    Bug fix: Tables in a tabular OK now. There will be an attribute rend, with value display or tabular, instead of none.
    Added \anchor
    Bug fix: Command \@arabic ok.
    Feature: Section titles in the transcript file.
    Bug fix: Leaders are OK now.
  7. [2006-09-09, version 2.8.6]
    Feature: Three values possible for the second argument of read_a_file.
    Feature: Main file not immediately converted, but later.
    Change: All files are converted into UFT8 internal.
    Change: The number 256 appears in a single include file.
    Change: The number 257 replaced by special_relax.
    Change: The number 255 appears no more in a C file.
    Changed retval of cmd_chr::char_val to integer from character.
    Use relax_code instead of subtypes(256).
    Changed Str_hash realloc step size to 10000 instead of 1000.
    Replaced constant 100 by xml_offset in txmath.C.
    Change: ^^^^abcd does not put the character back in the buffer, but in unread_char, saved by push_input_stack.
    Hash table size increased plus info in case of abort.
    Feature: argument of \newif must start with if.
    Replaced calls to hash_find by locate.
    Changed retval of get_a_new_line to a vector of characters, instead of a buffer. This is saved by push_input_stack.
    Feature: Value of \endlinechar can be zero.
    Feature: Compilation date now in XML file.
    Feature: Meaning of log_or_tty changed.
    Hack: Version number changed to 2.9 for the examples.
    Change: Removed leadingpart, leadingsection from documentclass options. Use \toplevelsection command instead.
    Removed \cite@type ; is now in natbib.plt; \cite@@type added as hook.
    Bibtex scanner: author="\{\"x" is interpreted as a Latex string with three tokens. Result is always balanced.
    bibliography: all_entries is a vector of pointers. Makes life easier.
    Removed interactive_bib option.
    Changed four hat parsing again. Input buffer is converted to Unicode characters in a vector.
    More calls to scan_left_brace_and_bi, which has been redefined.
    Feature: Option confdir=foo is OK as 3 shell tokens.
    Change: Use of == in tpa assignments
    Feature: img file not created if no images exists.
    Bug fix: second \ignorespaces added in \item.
    Bug fix: \index, @ can be letter or other.
    Feature: all symbols of latexsym are now implemented.
    Added \wlog.
    Bug fix: Relax scanning: \frac{foo}\x is ok, if \x is a user defined command.
    Added \pageref.
    Change: candimen replaces 18mu by 10pt.
    Removed \zerospace.
    Changed \enspace.
    Buf fix: Print # not ## in case of error in insert_token0.
  8. [2006-09-09, version unchanged]
    Implemented some e-TeX extensions; Change tracing for \tracingassigns.
    Reimplemented conditions as vector.
    Changed current font to tenrm.

Version 2.9

  1. [2006-10-26, version 2.9]
    Corrected implementation of \chardef in math; added \chardef.
    Feature: Ignore \vskip2cm and \vspace{2cm} in math mode.
    Feature: No space after \ifdim, in the transcript of +scandimen for \ifdim >12.0pt.
    Bug fix: Correct unit in the transcript of \mkern3mu.
    Added Bibtex extensions.
    Bug fix: Tilda added if empty verbatim line.
  2. [2006-11-14, version 2.9.1]
    Bug fix: It is possible to insert underscore in file names defined by \InputIfFileExists (T. Bouche).
    Bug fix: confusion between masterthesis and mastersthesis in make_names (T. Bouche).
    Bug fix: Switch 'IUCLC' removed in function set_termio, because it does not work on Mac and testing whether we are on a mac is non-trivial. (Pb signaled by David Pichardie).
  3. [2006-11-28, version 2.9.2]
    Feature: OS type is printed on the log file, works correctly on macintel (N. Roussel).
  4. [2006-12-10, version 2.9.3]
    (txbib) Bug fix: second argument of make_new_entry was ignored (Theo Papadopoulo).
    Feature: In the raweb case, apics_all2006.bib is read (if it exists) instead of apics2006.bib, apics_refer2006.bib, apics_foot2006.bib.
    Bug fix: Additional fields are also copied in crossref.
    Feature foot_prefix is now useless in biblio.
    [2007-01-04] (txclasses) Bug fix, babel options were empty.
    [2007-01-14] Bug fix: Spaces normalized in \index.
    [2007-01-17] Bug fix: Underscore chars allowed in team name (Laurent Pierron).
    [2007-01-29] Added math commands \triangleq\Cap\Cup.
    Changed \allowbreak.
    Added \m@th.
    [2007-02-11] Added Configuration mfenced_separator_val="foo"
    Added option -(no)math_variant.
    You can say: tralics -param foo bar.
    Feature: There are 15 math fonts, corresponding to the 13 MathML variants. (plus normal and upright). In nomathml mode, they are hacked.
    Change: the name in a math is a C++ string instead of char*; it holds the first argument of a \mathbox.
    Added \mathci \mathcn \mathcsymbol.
    Change: you can say \mathmi[foo][bar]{gee}, translates to <mi foo='bar'>gee</foo>.
    Feature: Parses \char`\$ the same as \chardef in math mode.
    Feature: A single <mn> element is created for a sequence of digits
    [2007-02-16] Feature: Space character allowed in an environment name.
    Feature: Font size commands allowed in $x\mbox{\small$y$}z$.
    Bug fix: char U+0327 is not special in math mode, since it's not ASCII. Use \times.
    Feature: Translation of \right. is empty delimiter unless -compatibility mode.
    Bug fix of \let\A B $\A$ dumps no core any more.
    Math mode change: \vskip converted into \vspace, although this is useless.
    Change: No space in translation of A \\[2mm] B.
    Bug fix. In math mode \end{foo} inserts a closing brace only if the begin inserted an opening brace (i.e., not if the begin was created outside math mode). Bug signaled by Thierry Bouche.
  5. [2007-02-18, version 2.9.4]
    Improved the test when opening a file.
    Option bad_minus added
    Bug fix: In the case $1^23$ the superscript is 2 (T. Bouche).
    Bug fix in math_p::find_paren2; a group is big if it contains a big element. Gives better placement of <mrow>.
    Added \mathfontproperty.
    Added \colon as <mo lspace='0'>:</mo>.
    Changed \def\root#1\of{\@root}.
    Corrected translation of \widehat (invalid character code).
    Added \operatornamewithlimits.
    Added \qopname.
    Added: you can say $\left/ !\right\backslash$.
    Changed implementation of \mathop...\limits.
    Bug fix: Translation of $\big(xy$ was empty.
    Bug fix: Translation of $\big(x\big\}$ has mfenced, because \{\} converted to \lbrace\rbrace.
    Bug fix: less-than and greater-than behave like \langle, \rangle.
    Feature: Exchanged execution order of cv3 and cv4; this gives big delimiters in $\bigl(\sum \bigr )^2$.
    Bug fix: Math style computation corrected: Exercise 17.15 gives correct answer.
    Bug fix: Boolean \ifinner gives correct answer in math mode.
    Bug fix: Command \pmod produces inserts 18mu or 8mu of space depending on the mode (display or not).
    Bug fix: Translation of \iff the same as \Leftrightarrow.
    Changed translation of $\rm x\bf 2$.
    Added \@Vert, that is the same character as \parallel, using this as delimiter. All delimiters work now.
    Change: \overbrace\underbrace produce a large operator that can have limits.
    Fixed translation of $\mathmo{<=}$.
    Added \phantom.
    Change: Automatic position of mrows: not in case open big close, but in case Big open close.
    Added: \ImaginaryI,\ExponentialE,\DifferentialD, \InvisibleTimes, \ApplyFunction,\InvisibleComma.
    Added \cellattribute\rowattribute.
    Bug fix: Multline environment: all equations are in display style, first and last are correctly handled.
    Added \tag and variants.
    Added environment gather; commands \xleftarrow \xrightarrow optional argument added.
    Added \lvert \lVert \rvert \Rvert \cfrac \accentset \undertilde \overleftrightarrow \underleftrightarrow \arrowvert \bracevert \Arrowvert ; and a lot of other commands also.
    Bug fix: Xmatrix was wrong for X=b, B or V!.
    Implemented commutative diagrams.
    Added \scanupdown; needed for \sideset.
    Feature: phi and varphi swapped.
    Bug fix: Width of normal space in math mode changed from 6pt to 4pt.
    Changed definition of prime character.
    Changed definition of \asymp , is now asympeq, U+224D.
    Allow font changes in text in math.
    Allow commands like \hfill for horizontal placement of fractions or arrays.
    Phantom and smash hard-coded.
    Sideset command hard-coded.
  6. [2007/04/28] \relax commands retained in the math tree.
    Mathfonts are groups now.
    Added option nozerowidthelt.
    Commands \begingroup \endgroup allowed in math mode and used for font switch.

Version 2.10

  1. [2007-05-02, version 2.10]
    Added options leftquote and rightquote. Indicate how to translate character left and right quote in non-verbatim text mode.
    Feature: if option usequotes is selected, doubles quotes give << or >> in French language.
    Feature: Double left quote, and double right quote translated into ” and “ (U+201D, U+201C).
    [2007-05-04] Feature: First token of a math expression removed if it is \relax.
    [2007-05-17] Feature: More characters allowed in math mode.
    Changed translation of \upsilon and \Upsilon is to &upsilon; and &Upsilon;.
    Space added after commands in the output of \showthe, \showtokens.
    [2007-06-01] \protected commands no longer considered as \outer.
    Corrected implementation of \marks.
    Made \mathbbm an alias to \mathbm.
    In math mode \char`\& produces &amp; (and not &).
  2. [2007-07-06, version 2.10.1]
    Feature: Tralics counts the number of HDR.
    (Raweb) Feature: It is required that you say if there are HDRs in the Raweb.
    (Raweb) Syntax change allows \UR{Sophia, Rocquencourt}.
    (Raweb) Added \ResearchCentreList as alias to \UR.
    (Raweb) Semantic change: Optional argument `Location' added between `Lastname' and before `Catpro' in \pers in catperso. Mandatory for multi-located teams.
    (Raweb) New Location arg can have a default value.
    (Raweb) Feature: File apics2007.ult not loaded when compiling the ra.
    (Raweb) Feature: When Tralics generates a tex file for the RA (option -ps), it uses latin1 as encoding.
    (Raweb) Feature: Team and section titles printed using terminal encoding.
    Bug fix: Tralics should works again for RA 2005 (bibliography).
  3. [2007-07-16, version 2.10.2]
    (Raweb) Feature: \TeamHasHdr is optional. (request by Vercoustre).
    (Raweb) Feature. Removed all, none as optional argument for Location argument in \pers.
  4. [version 2.10.3]
    New implementation for ra2007. Details follow. Nothing has changed if producing postscript, or testing the thing.
    File hyperref.cfg no more constructed because data not remembered.
    (Raweb) Feature: You cannot say \UR{\RCSophia}.
    (Raweb) Bug fix: Commands from config file not inserted when producing PS.
    Feature: tralics --help: Order of options changed.
    Redefinition of \not in amsmath.plt removed.
    Feature: Html attribute no more computed for modules in RA2007.
    Feature: No restriction on module names (only uniqueness required).
    Bug fix: buffer::slash_separated does advance() in case of success.
    Feature: In the config file, themes can be given using uppercase letters.
    Changed error signaling for the raweb in some cases.
  5. [version 2.10.4, 2007-07-23]
    Bug fix: No error in case \global\relax\def\foo{} (following a remark by Charpentier).
    Added fullsection_vals as replacement for section_vals.
    Change: section titles defined by config file are put in the XML.
    Changed DTD to raweb7.dtd.
    Allow multiline variables in a config file.
    Added automatical call to \rawebstartdocument.
    Change: Command \url adds <allowbreak>.
    [version 2.10.5, 2007-08-02]
    Feature: Variable hacknotitle set to false by run_simple_ra.
    Feature: Implicit group added whenever T_arg1 is called.
    Function T_arg1* inlined (title was not printed on the tty).
    Removed option hacknotitle from the command list.
  6. [version 2.10.6, 2007-09-27]
    Changed exit status of readline to 1.
    Change: No <allowbreak> added at the end of URL.
    Re-implemented \ensuremath as a macro (Req. Connexions).
    Bug fix. Added some code to raweb-uni.sty that redefines color (code commented out in pdftex.def for version 1.40).
    Added a -V, -verbose-doc option.
    Change trace of \let\oe\OE.
    Re-implemented \MakeUppercase, \MakeLowercase. Case change commands allowed in Math mode. (connexions)
    Bug fix in lc/uc pair for \NG.
    Feature allows $\mbox{(\ref{x})}=\eqref{x}$.
    Bug fix: Command \ensuremath, wrong placement of \relax.
  7. [version 2.10.7, 2007-11-03]
    (txmain) Bug fix. Year flag better checked.
    (txmain) Feature: Main file argument of Tralics can contain slashes.
    Bug fix. End verbatim algorithm changed.
    Bug fix. Better trace in case of too many errors.
    Bug fix. Labels were lost in nomathl mode.
    New feature. textcase package implemented
    [2007-11-09](txbib) Silly bug in find_lower_case. (Wagner)
    (txbib) Feature: something like @book(foo,...} works.
  8. [version 2.10.8, 2007-11-12]
    Feature: On the fly encoding implemented.
    Feature: Changed \protect to \relax.
    (txmath) Bugfix. M_cv1 handles \le the same as =.
    (txmath) Feature: implemented the fencing algorithm.
    Bug fix. Wagner's math examples produce symmetric operators.
    New Command \tracingmath controls verbosity of the LBR algorithm.
    Feature: Math trace holds ^^J instead of newline.
    Added \@curmathfont.
  9. [version 2.10.9, 2007-11-21]
    Removed general purpose tokens from math trace.
    Implemented special active math characters.
    Implemented Package braket.
    Error recovery enhanced in math mode.
    (txcheck) Bug fix, if multi-line data has to be parsed.
    Bug fix. flush_buffer added at start of \citation (MP Durollet).

Version 2.11

  1. [2007-11-29, version 2.11]
    Changed type of Char 160 to active, as nobreakspace.
    Re-edited ChangeLog.
    [2007-12-05] Removed cur_cs.
    Single check_outer_validity function.
    Bug fix: invalid token better handled.
    Added the html package; moved some functions there.
    Allow optional star after \tableofcontents.
    Allow underscore in environment names.
  2. [2007-12-06, version 2.11.1]
    Implemented keyval package and a lot of others.
    Added \tralics@split and \define@key.
    [fixme] Double sharp in \@ifnextchar{}{}.
    Made utf8x an alias for utf8 in inputenc.
    Added command \pop@stack.
    Added commands \@temptokena and friends.
    Changed order of assignments in \tracingall.
    Virtual end-of-item added to minipage.
  3. [2007-12-19, version 2.11.2]
    Split the file txparser.C in two parts.
    Added \@onelevel@sanitize.
    Renamed \filbreak (removing one l).
    Added \loggingall as synonym to \tracingall.
    Moved html tests from file torture to testhtml.
    Implemented \listfiles.
    [2007-12-26] Option xml_font_pack_att added in configuration files.
    Added commands like \fontencoding, \usefont \selectfont.
    Added \ignorespaces after \put and \multiput.
    New file txtrees.h added.
    Multiple index added.
    Split file tralics.C in two parts, txtoken2.C holds the hashtab Ctor.
    Added newline or spaces when printing \message.
    Added \@addtoreset.
    Made ^^L same as \outer\par.
    Fixed \noexpand^^L.
    Added a function T_next_arg_local();.
    Re-implemented allocation mechanism using LaTeX method.
    Made \@ifundefined expandable.
    Split txvars.h in two parts, adding txcmd.h.
    Enhanced hash_table::is_defined, sets cur token.
    Added get_mac_value.
    [2008-01-23, version 2.11.3]
    Postprocessing of subfigure depends on \tralics@use@subfigure (Wagner).
    Corrected silly bug in stack::isfloat.
    Changed status of \linewidth and \columnwidth.
    [2008-01-31] Allow underscore in Team names for the Raweb (Durollet).
    Changed the way how the tralic_rc file is found if confdir is given.
  4. [2008-02-05, version 2.11.4]
    Command name added to XML result element <error> in case of error.
    [2008-02-07] Bug fix; Brace delimiters were wrong [Umesh Vishwakarma].
    Changed the test in txpath.h, using APPLE instead of ppc.
    Added enumeration for special cases in parse_args.
    Made foo.xml.tex an invalid input file name
    Made foo.xml a synonym to foo.tex as input name
    Added options input_file, output_file, log_file.
    Changed basic IO functions.
    Bug fix in str_toks11.
    Space and newline are identical in \ifx.
    Implemented the xkeyval package. Options of \usepackage may contain commands.
  5. [2008-02-18, version 2.11.5] Reimplemented packages and classes.
    Re-implemented filecontents environment.
    Capitalised some class names; Xml replaced by Xmlp
    Changed return value of get_macro to a reference.
    Removed the name of Buffer.
    Renamed my_stack to the_stack.
    In txtitlepage.C, less global variables.
  6. [2008-02-22, version 2.11.6]
    Replaced sym_codes by symcodes.
    Implemented \PackageError and the like.
    Implemented \ChangeElementName.
    Setting of makefo in ShellActions::assign considered obsolete and moved at end of function.
    Fixed the case where options not declared with \DeclareOptionX have an equal sign.
    Fixed the case where \documentclass options have braces when scanning doctype.
    Commands like \@car are non-long.
    Added \CheckCommand.
    Renamed parser::define as parser::mac_define.
    Package checkend adds an Info item to the XML file.
    Bug fix, command \@cons changes its arg globally.
    Changed some macros that read argument lists like next_opt_arg.
    Outer check added for \@addtoreset and other commands that call \csname (ifundefined).
    Removed paragraph hacks for keywords.
    Implemented \ifvoid.
    Fixed a silly bug: arithmetic overflow limits were off by a factor 8; (wrong constants).
    You can say \hbox{$$x$$}.
    Made \scantokens work in interactive mode.
    Moved \newblock into std.clt.
    Moved some commands to amsmath package.
    Consider carriage-return as unprintable, hence prints as ^^M.
    Changed is_big so that char U+FFFF is valid on input. (neither U+FFFE nor U+FFFF are in the XML output).
    Replaced LaTeX Warning by Tralics Warning.
    Added special marker for Warning, so that \@gobble works.
    Made \stop work in interactive mode.
    Fixed a bug in add_buffer_to_list, TL was badly pushed/popped.
    Variable name_for_error locally reset in expand and translate.
    Error element contains name_for_error, without final space.
    Endline char is \r in verbatim.
    Error recovery mechanism changed.
    Added a file txparser3.C.
    Mode of thebibliography changed.
    Implemented @nomathml=-2 mode.
  7. [2008-04-04, version 2.11.7]
    Change chapter ids from uidXXX to cidXXX.
    Removed stop_on_error flag for parse_error.
    No message of the form image foo not found if foo.png exists.
    Fixed a bug in \@reevaluate\foo\bar\gee.
    Created a virtual file named .tex.
    You can say \input{}.
    Result of \read is always brace balanced.
    Fixed a bug where \thickmuskip==\muskip0.
    Changed overflow signalling mechanism.
    Removed the global variable radix.
    Moved some global variables into main_ns namespace.
    Removed variable Parser::silent.
    Replaced all occurences of skip_group by mac_arg.
  8. [2008-04-15, version 2.11.8]
    Removed function no_ovf_add.
    Other arithmetic checks added.
    Removed mu to glue and glue to mu functions.
    Inlined cv_mu_to_glue and cv_glue_to_mu.
    Changed type of integer in SthInternal to ScaledInteger.
    Made arith operations members of ScaledInteger.
    Fixed a bug in scale, when division is exact.
    Added restrictions to environment catperso.
    DTD can be given on the command line.
    No directory search for ult file.
    Optional plus in \IfFileExists and \InputIfFileExists.
    Option param takes one or two arguments.
    No creation of foo_.bbl if useless.
    Ignore check option in RA2008.
    Removed the fatal error if more than one of check/ps/xml are given.
    Shell variables TRALICSDIR and RAWEBDIR no more looked at.

Version 2.12

  1. [2008-04-21, version 2.12]
    [2008/04/26] Fixed the bug \mathcode`x="8000$\mbox{x}$.
    In nomathml mode, \relax not printed any more.
    Fixed a bug in natbib.plt (Wagner) when \cite is redefined.
    Added end-of-paragraph before \end{thebibliography}.
  2. [2008-05-18, version 2.12.1]
    Fixme. Font changes in tables are incorrect...
    Implemented \natcite.
    Changed \bibitem, calls \ignorespaces, produces a bibitem element.
    Bug fix: declaration xml_pack_font_att = "true" is honored.
    Changed \mathversion{bold}$\mathnormal x$ to produce bold.
    Implemented tipa package.
    Bug fix $\hbox{{\ensuremath{x}y}}$ is OK .
    Implemented bold math Greek letter (Wagner).
  3. [2008-05-29, version 2.12.2]
    Newline is OK in \zap@space.
    Changed \: to medmuskip.
    Use <unexpected> for junk in table (Wagner).
    Allow any kind of space in text in math (Wagner).
  4. [2008-06-06, version 2.12.3]
    Implemented \formulaattribute in no-mathml mode (Vishwakarma).
    Added a textype attribute for all <texmath> objects.
    Special commands like \tralics@prompt added.
    Added raw_bib as command line option.
    Translation of \begin{table} \begin{tabular} is a tabular. (Wagner).
    Fixed default type for masterthesis.
    The \calc command is mode independent (Vishwakarma).
  5. [2008-06-20, version 2.12.4]
    Moved declaration of uint from txvars.h to tralics.h (Leopard).
    Removed a bibtex error if no author/editor.
    Expansion of \u z is \@unicode@composite {z^^^^0306} (T. Bouche).
    Commands like \bar do not look anymore for \relax (T. Bouche).
  6. [2008-07-04, version 2.12.6]
    [2008-07-08] Default value of \pers is \persB.
    Removed restrictions on participants, catperso, etc.
    Distribution comes in two files: tralics-src and tralics-extra.
    Removed use of file ../xml/tralics.sty in test files.
    Removed function only_for_module and associated statistics.
    Made Tralics less verbose for image info.
    Renamed default_year to ra_year, associated to \ra@year
    Added two source files txra.C and txconfig.C.
    Complete redesign of the RA stuff (Tex code in ra.plt ra2008.clt).
    Removed the value field in the ParamDataSlot
    Removed side-effects in check_ns::check_section.
    Biblio inserts \csname @href\endcsname in case \href is redefined.
    No \href added if the URL field has \rrrt
    Commented out content of file txcheck.C
    Removed all special hacks for the RA, todo_xml etc.
    Changed \XMLaddatt : argument fully translated. Special chars maybe handled differently.

Version 2.13

  1. [2008-07-20, version 2.13.0]
    Fixed \end{...} if in env that finishes the math.
    Removed SansTitre etc.
    Made \ra@jobname work in any case.
    Removed printing of Option -year= ignored.
    Added a fifth small size.
    Added \@xsetfontsize and \@xgetfontsize.
    [2008-09-16] Implemented amsart class.
    Added an id-text attribute to most anchors.
    Implemented \refstepcounter.
    Implemented \notag and \incr@eqnum.
    Changed \thechapter etc in standard classes.
    Replaced \stepcounter by \refstepcounter in ra.plt.
    Defined the command \AmS, as well as the ten analogous of \Hat in the amsmath package.
    Created a soul package, moved 4 commands into it.
    Added commands of type \labelenumi.
    Added commands of type \p@enumii.
    Implemented \newtheorem*.
    Hack the case where a theorem starts with a display formula.
    Implemented \hdotsfor as a line of dots.
    Change which equations are numbered.
    Allow \char`\\ in text in math.
    Changed \stepcounter and \@killcounter.
    Fixed a bug in \XMLlastid.
    Added \everybibitem.
    Added \XMLgetatt.
    Re-implemented attlisttable.
    Removed the AttListTable structure, uses vector instead.
  2. [2008-10-03, Version 2.13.1]
    Removed all hacks concerning year field for the raweb.
    [2008-10-16] Added special case of \ChangeElementName{theorem}{xx} when second argument is empty or starts with space.
    Fixed a bug: the anchor is always the theorem element, if name is empty, then attribute list is copied to the <p> that follows.
    Changed figure filename handling: ./ no more removed.
    Implemented translation of optional argument of divisions and \caption. Value put in a <alt_head> may be changed in config via alt_section or alt_caption.
    Fixed translation of \bindnasrepma from U+260B to U+214B.
    Fixed some math envs (e.g. align), by providing a non-empty id-text value.
    Added option -no_float_hack.
    Obsoleted options nobibyearerror and nobibyearmodify.
    Removed parametrisation of raweb topics.
    Use other counters for itemize than for enumerate.
    Moved the \glo command and glossaire env in in ra.plt.
    Fixed translation of \quad and others in nonmathml mode in \mbox.
    Added some Win32 conditionals in readline.C.
    Feature: optional argument in enumerate does not change the type to description.
    Added a label attribute to items in enumerate env.
    Added enumi@hook (Brian West).
    Moved \labelitemXXX from std.clt to the kernel.
    Added a default label, just in case.
    Removed evaluation of font commands in nomathml mode (Mukesh Kumar).
    Added command name of \hbox in the tree for nomathml mode (Mukesh Kumar).
    Removed interpretation of \hbox in nomathml mode.
    Removed the bibtex warning: You should use {\'e} rather than \'{e}.
  3. [2008-10-27, Version 2.13.3]
    Fixed a bug in wrapfigure.
    Implemented package epigraph.
    Added missing line number in error message for missing close brace.
    Allow expansion of arguments of \begin, \end.
    Improved error handling of \def\xx#1{}\begin{\xx}.
    Changed \hspace{} in math mode, result always a dimension in pt, works even after \mathcode`\.="8000.
    Implemented package esdiff.
    Implemented full graphics package.
    Implemented optional arg of \rotatebox.
    Implemented colors.
    Implemented commands like \textsevenoldstyle.
    Fixed a bug in function read_from_file (core dump on gcc-3.3.3) .
    Added a verse environment
    Fixed \@latex@error and others.
    Moved moreinfo in a style file.
  4. [2008-11-13, Version 2.13.4]
    Allow \fbox{\[ x\]}.
    Allow \fbox{\begin{tabular}{c} x & y \end{tabular}}.
    At most four digits are read for the year.
  5. [2008-11-17, Version 2.13.5]
    Added \XMLref.
    Fixed underscores and hat: these characters are allowed if InLoadHandler. OK in \XMLaddatt.
    Removed runaway argument error in use of \@reevaluate.
    Fixed \bmod (Bouche).
  6. [2009-10-05, Version 2.13.6]
    Added \XMLref.
    Added kvoptions, float package.
    Changed \ClassError to put something in the XML.
    Bug correction detected by compiler. (Hashtab ctor; cmd ifdefinable; cmd ltfont).
    Added parentheses as suggested by compiler.
  7. [2009-10-14]
    Corrected printing of command names like & in error elements.
    Removed theme if year > 2008 for the RA.
    Thus, file testerr tested with year=2008.
    Added test files for RA2009.
    Added list of fields/entries not to use in the Biblio.
    Changed warning for Lille.
    [2010-03-31] Added a hack for primes in math mode.
    Some math-mode names can be changed.
    Corrected a bug in printing of very large characters.
  8. [2010-10-25, Version 2.13.7]
    Input file encoding algorithm improved.
    Corrrected new ColSpec::ColSpec (...) (thanks to Daniel Simon).

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