Kickoff Meeting INRA, Avignon, Dec 2007

Popeye Seminar LIA, Avignon, March 28, 2007

Workshop POPEYE IMAG Grenoble, 21-22 May 2008

Workshop Game Theory with applications to Networking and Computer Science 22-23 May 2008; In conjuction with POPEYE workshop

Popeye Meeting on game theory 10 February 2009

Popeye Meeting on population models and game theory 9 April 2009

For getting reimbursed, a member of popeye or an invited person should fill the "ordre de mission" form confirm at the end, save the .html version and send to Ephie Deriche. When filling the form use
comptabilite analytique : 04RECH2107-S
sur convention : oui


Eitan Altman and Alain Jean Marie, MAESTRO, INRIA

Eitan Altman

Alain Jean Marie

Ephie Deriche