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CarPal Demonstration videos

Simple Put and Get on one network:

In this example you can see four users of carPal in the same network.
The goal is to show the common Publish and Search requests of carPal.

Example of two disconnected networks

You can see in this video two disconnected CarPal networks.
All informations stored in the network "Enterprise" is unreachable from another network "Student".

Example of two networks connected by one synapse:

This last example show that one synapse is enough to interconnect several networks.
The synapse is represented by a "gold member". It's actually a user registred in both networks ("Enterprise" and "Student").
As you can see, now an user can retreive infromation from both networks.

Supported by AEOLUS FP6-IST-15964-FET Proactive, and Designed by Laurent Vanni