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Scheme2Js is a Scheme to JavaScript compiler distributed under the GPL license. While some effort has been spent on being as close as possible to R5rs, we concentrated mainly on efficiency. Usually Scheme2Js produces JavaScript code, that is comparable to hand-written code. In order to achieve this performance, Scheme2Js is not completely R5rs compliant. In particular it lacks exact numbers. Scheme2Js is not yet complete either: it lacks hygienic macros and the eval procedure.

Scheme2Js has been integrated into HOP, another project developed at Inria. Future changes on Scheme2Js will happen inside HOP.

The development of Scheme2Js has led to several articles:

Scheme2Js is now developed as part of HOP. The latest stand-alone version of Scheme2Js is 20110717. The source code (needs Bigloo to compile) can be downloaded here, and a precompiled java-version can be found here. Older versions are available here.

Thanks go to Jens Axel Søgaard and Sergey Minaev for their testing and bug-reports.

Scheme2Js' options are described in its man-page.

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