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Int4Sci Toolbox : A Scilab Interface for Interval Analysis

Int4Sci is an user friendly toolkit for interval analysis developed by the COPRIN team, at INRIA Sophia Antipolis-Mediterranee.

It provides to a scientific computing software :

- Basic Interval Analysis

- Interval prototyping methods

We have chosen to interface classical Interval Analysis libraries with Scilab. For this first release, Int4Sci functionalities are based on the BIAS/PROFIL library.

All along the development of this interface, the principal requirement kept in mind was to obtain a toolbox respecting :

- Scilab syntax

- interval conventions

The functionalities available on this first Int4Sci release are :

- Extended interval arithmetic

- Elementary functions interval evaluation

- Interval characteristics calculation

- Scilab like functions applied to intervals

- Interval manipulation

Try it !! Download Int4Sci : click here.


Feel free to contact us for any comment, bug found or contribution :

INRIA Scilab coprin