symbolic::root< R, Z > Struct Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<class R, class Z = R>
struct symbolic::root< R, Z >

Structure for real numbers, which are roots of a univariate polynomial. They are represented by the polynomial coefficients, the lower and upper bound on the numerical approximation and the sign of the polynomial at these bounds.

Definition at line 223 of file Symbolic.h.

Public Types

typedef ALGEBRAIC::root_of<
Z >::FT 

Public Member Functions

 root (const UPolDse< Z > &t, const FT &a, const FT &b)
 root (const UPolDse< Z > &t, const FT &a, const FT &b, unsigned idx)
root_rep< R, Z > * operator-> ()
root_rep< R, Z > * operator-> () const
root_rep< R, Zrep ()
 operator real ()

Protected Attributes

root_rep< R, Z > * rep_

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