sparse::rep2d< T > Struct Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct sparse::rep2d< T >

Containers for sparse matrices.

Definition at line 36 of file sparse.h.

Public Types

typedef T value_type
typedef int size_type
typedef T coeff_t

Public Member Functions

 rep2d ()
 rep2d (const int nrow, const int ncol)
 rep2d (const int nrow, const int ncol, const int nz)
 rep2d (const int nrow, const int ncol, const int nz, T *coeffs, const int *idx)
int nbrow ()
int nbcol ()
int nbrow () const
int nbcol () const
T & operator() (const int &i, const int &j, const T &d)
T & operator() (const int &i, const int &j)
operator() (const int &i, const int &j) const
void destroystore ()

Public Attributes

int nrow
int ncol
int nnz
int * rowind
int * colptr
void * nzval

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