numexp< X, D, T > Struct Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<char X, int D = 2, class T = int>
struct numexp< X, D, T >

Definition at line 21 of file numexp.h.

Public Types

typedef int size_type
typedef T exponent_t
typedef int degree_t
typedef numexp< X, D, T > self_t

Public Member Functions

 numexp ()
 numexp (int t)
 numexp (const self_t &A)
 numexp (int s, int *t)
int operator!= (const numexp< X, D, T > &m)
int operator!= (const numexp< X, D, T > &m) const
exponent_t operator[] (int i) const
void reserve (int d)
void resize (int d)
void setExponent (int i, int d)
self_toperator= (const numexp< X, D, T > &A)
self_toperator+= (const self_t &A)
self_toperator *= (const self_t &A)
self_toperator/= (const numexp< X, D, T > &A)
bool operator== (const numexp< X, D, T > &A) const

Public Attributes



void add (numexp< X, D, T > &n, const numexp< X, D, T > &m)

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