Scl< T > Struct Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<class T>
struct Scl< T >

Definition at line 28 of file BC.h.

Public Member Functions

 Scl (const Scl< T > &b)
 Scl (signed long sl)
 Scl (unsigned long ul)
 Scl (int si)
 Scl (const char *string, int base=10)
 Scl (MP_INT new_z)
bool operator== (const Scl< T > &rhs) const
bool operator!= (const Scl< T > &rhs) const
bool operator> (const Scl< T > &rhs) const
bool operator>= (const Scl< T > &rhs) const
bool operator< (const Scl< T > &rhs) const
bool operator<= (const Scl< T > &rhs) const
bool operator== (long sl) const
bool operator!= (long sl) const
bool operator> (long sl) const
bool operator>= (long sl) const
bool operator< (long sl) const
bool operator<= (long sl) const
bool operator== (int si) const
bool operator!= (int si) const
bool operator> (int si) const
bool operator>= (int si) const
bool operator< (int si) const
bool operator<= (int si) const
bool operator== (unsigned long ul) const
bool operator!= (unsigned long ul) const
bool operator> (unsigned long ul) const
bool operator>= (unsigned long ul) const
bool operator< (unsigned long ul) const
bool operator<= (unsigned long ul) const
void operator= (const Scl< T > &rhs)
void operator+= (const Scl< T > &rhs)
void operator-= (const Scl< T > &rhs)
void operator *= (const Scl< T > &rhs)
void operator/= (const Scl< T > &rhs)
void operator%= (const Scl< T > &rhs)
void operator= (unsigned long rhs)
void operator+= (unsigned long rhs)
void operator-= (unsigned long rhs)
void operator *= (unsigned long rhs)
void operator/= (unsigned long rhs)
void operator%= (unsigned long rhs)
void operator= (long rhs)
void operator+= (long rhs)
void operator-= (long rhs)
void operator *= (long rhs)
void operator/= (long rhs)
void operator%= (long rhs)
void operator++ ()
void operator-- ()
void Div2Exp (unsigned long exponent_of_2)
void GCD (const Scl< T > &b2)
void Mod2Exp (unsigned long exponent_of_2)
void Mul2Exp (unsigned long exponent_of_2)
void PowMod (const Scl< T > &exp, const Scl< T > &m)
void PowMod (unsigned long exp, const Scl< T > &m)
void abs ()
void factorial (unsigned long n)
void negate ()
void pow (unsigned long exp)
void pow (unsigned long base, unsigned long exp)
void quo (const Scl< T > &divisor)
void quo (unsigned long divisor)
void rem (const Scl< T > &divisor)
unsigned long rem (unsigned long divisor)
void sqrt ()

Public Attributes

mpz z


ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, const Scl< T > &b)
istream & operator>> (istream &is, Scl< T > &b)
unsigned long BigIntToUL (const Scl< T > &b)
signed long BigIntToSL (const Scl< T > &b)
size_t log (const Scl< T > &b)
size_t log (const Scl< T > &b, int base)
int sign (const Scl< T > &b)
int compare (const Scl< T > &b1, const Scl< T > &b2)
int compare (const Scl< T > &b, unsigned long ul)
int compare (const Scl< T > &b, long sl)
bool IsPositive (const Scl< T > &b)
bool IsNegative (const Scl< T > &b)
bool IsZero (const Scl< T > &b)
bool IsOne (const Scl< T > &b)
bool IsMinusOne (const Scl< T > &b)
bool IsOdd (const Scl< T > &b)
bool IsEven (const Scl< T > &b)
bool IsPerfectSquare (const Scl< T > &b)
bool IsProbablyPrime (const Scl< T > &b, int reps=25)
void SqrtRem (Scl< T > &sqrt, Scl< T > &rem, const Scl< T > &b)
void QuoRem (Scl< T > &q, Scl< T > &r, const Scl< T > &divdend, const Scl< T > &divisor)
unsigned long QuoRem (Scl< T > &q, Scl< T > &r, const Scl< T > &divdend, unsigned long divisor)
void DivMod (Scl< T > &q, Scl< T > &r, const Scl< T > &divdend, const Scl< T > &divisor)
void DivMod (Scl< T > &q, Scl< T > &r, const Scl< T > &divdend, unsigned long divisor)
void ExtGCD (Scl< T > &gcd, Scl< T > &a, Scl< T > &b, const Scl< T > &x, const Scl< T > &y)
void HalfExtGCD (Scl< T > &gcd, Scl< T > &a, const Scl< T > &x, const Scl< T > &y)

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