SISLBSplineCurve Struct Reference

Inheritance diagram for SISLBSplineCurve:

sisl_curve_rep List of all members.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file sisl-base-rep.h.

Public Types

typedef fxv< double, 3 > cp
typedef double cp_value_type
typedef cpcp_iterator
typedef const cpconst_cp_iterator
typedef double kn_value_type
typedef kn_value_typekn_iterator
typedef const kn_value_typeconst_kn_iterator

Public Member Functions

kn_iterator kn_begin ()
const_kn_iterator kn_begin () const
kn_iterator kn_end ()
const_kn_iterator kn_end () const
cp_iterator cp_begin ()
const_cp_iterator cp_begin () const
cp_iterator cp_end ()
const_cp_iterator cp_end () const
const cpoperator[] (int i) const
cpoperator[] (int i) const
SISLCurve * operator-> ()
const SISLCurve * operator-> () const
SISLCurve * sisl_data ()
int ord ()
int nbp ()
int nbk ()
int dim ()

Public Attributes

SISLCurve * sisl_data_

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