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Detailed Description

template<typename RT_>
struct NumberTraits< RT_ >

This a prototype class. Every number type must provide a specialization of this struct, and specializations for the functions. This class provides the following definitions for the type RT_
RT is the type RT_ itself. (eg. ZZ).
FT is the field type associated to RT (eg. QQ).
XT is the numeric type associated to RT (eg. double).
FIT is the type of exact intervals (eg. Interval<QQ>).
XIT is the type of approximate intervals (eg. Interval<double>).
It also has various tags, in order to provide information abou the presense or not of gcd, isqrt, sqrt etc.
See also:
Rational, Interval, check_type, Tag_false, Tag_true

Definition at line 37 of file NumberTraits.h.

Public Types

typedef kernelof< RT_ >::T K
typedef K::integer RT
typedef K::rational FT
typedef K::ieee XT
typedef Interval< FTFIT
typedef Interval< XTXIT
typedef NumberTraits< RTself_t
typedef hasfunction< RT >::gcd Has_gcd
typedef hasfunction< RT
typedef hasfunction< RT
typedef isexact< RT >::T Is_exact
typedef isring< RT >::T Is_Ring_type
typedef isfield< RT >::T Is_Field_type

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