ModP< T > Struct Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<class T = int>
struct ModP< T >

Definition at line 21 of file ModP.h.

Public Member Functions

 ModP ()
 ModP (int n)
 ModP (const ModP< T > &z)
bool equal (T a, T b)
void assign (T &r, T a)
void add (T &r, T a)
void add (T &r, T a, T b)
void sub (T &r, T a)
void sub (T &r, T a, T b)
void neg (T &r, T a)
void mul (T &r, T a)
void mul (T &r, T a, T b)
void div (T &res, T z)
void div (T &r, T a, T b)
void print (std::ostream &os, const T &a)
void read (std::istream &is, T &a)

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