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Specify the Exclusion solver. Store the output precision eps. The corresponding solver outputs a sequence of points, such that the real roots of the univariate polynomial p in the interval [a,b] are at a distance less than eps, from one of these points. Here is an example, the ouput is a sequence of values of the type of a or b:

Definition at line 35 of file Exclusion.h.

Public Member Functions

 Exclusion ()
 Exclusion (double e)
 Exclusion (const Exclusion &E)
template<class R>
R::value_type operator() (const R &p, const typename R::value_type &x0, const typename R::value_type &r) const

Public Attributes

double eps

Member Function Documentation

template<class R>
R::value_type Exclusion::operator() ( const R &  p,
const typename R::value_type &  x0,
const typename R::value_type &  r 
) const

Test if the box B(x0,r) does not contain a (real) root. If the result is positive, this is the case. Otherwise, we cannot say. p is a univariate polynomial, x0 is the center of the box, and r its radius

Definition at line 54 of file Exclusion.h.

References UPOLDAR::shift().

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