BigUnsigned< N > Struct Template Reference

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Detailed Description

template<unsigned N>
struct BigUnsigned< N >

Definition at line 12 of file BigUnsigned.h.

Public Types

typedef unsigned hi
typedef unsigned hdwi_t

Public Member Functions

 BigUnsigned ()
 BigUnsigned (unsigned n)
BigUnsignedoperator= (unsigned n)
BigUnsignedoperator= (const BigUnsigned &b)
bool operator< (const BigUnsigned< N > &bi)
bool operator> (const BigUnsigned< N > &bi)
bool operator== (const BigUnsigned< N > &bi)
BigUnsignedoperator<<= (unsigned n)
BigUnsignedoperator>>= (unsigned n)
BigUnsignedoperator|= (unsigned n)
BigUnsignedoperator|= (const BigUnsigned &bu)
BigUnsigned< N-1 > & next ()
const BigUnsigned< N-1 > & next () const
BigUnsignedoperator+= (unsigned n)
BigUnsignedoperator+= (const BigUnsigned &a)
unsigned & operator[] (int i)
unsigned operator[] (int i) const

Public Attributes

hi data [N]

Static Public Attributes

static bool s_overflow

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