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namespace  sbdslv
namespace  SolveSBDSLV


struct  sbdslv::select_mth< system, mth >
struct  sbdslv::select_mth< system, SBDSLV_RD >
struct  sbdslv::select_mth< system, SBDSLV_RDL >
struct  sbdslv::select_mth< system, SBDSLV_RDRDL >
struct  sbdslv::select_mth< system, SBDSLV_RDRDLRDS >
struct  sbdslv::select_mth< system, SBDSLV_RDS >
struct  sbdslv::select_mth< system, SBDSLV_RDRDS >
struct  sbdslv::select_mth< system, SBDSLV_RDLRDS >
struct  sbdslv::select_mth< system, SBDSLV_RDSRDL >
struct  SBDSLV< T, mth >
struct  SbdSolver< C, METHOD >


#define SBDSLV_RD   0
#define SBDSLV_RDL   1
#define SBDSLV_RDS   2
#define SBDSLV_RDRDL   3
#define SBDSLV_RDRDS   5
#define SBDSLV_RDLRDS   6
#define SBDSLV_RDSRDL   7


template<class T, class eenv_t, class MPOL>
void SolveSBDSLV::fill_data (T *data, eenv_t *env, const MPOL &p, binomials< T > &benv)
template<class monom>
void SolveSBDSLV::scan_monom_env (std::set< int > &env, const monom &m)
template<class MPC, class C, int MTH, class Domains>
Seq< VectDse< C > > solve (const MPC &l, const SBDSLV< C, MTH > &mth, const Domains &dom, bool verbose=false)
template<class MPC, class C, int MTH>
Seq< VectDse< C > > solve (const MPC &l, const SBDSLV< C, MTH > &mth, bool verbose=false)

Function Documentation

template<class MPC, class C, int MTH, class Domains>
Seq<VectDse<C> > solve ( const MPC &  l,
const SBDSLV< C, MTH > &  mth,
const Domains &  dom,
bool  verbose = false 

This is the general interface function for solving multivariate polynomial systems.

l is a sequence of polynomials (with begin() and end() member functions)
mth specifies the strategies and the domain for the resolution.
verbose set to true output complete information on the resolution.

Definition at line 116 of file sbdslv.h.

References assign(), let::copy(), MPOLDST::degree(), SolveSBDSLV::fill_data(), SBDSLV< T, mth >::prec, xml::print(), Seq< C, R >::push_back(), SolveSBDSLV::scan_monom_env(), chrono::start(), chrono::stop(), and chrono::write().