synaps/linalg/Solve.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Resolution of linear systems.

Definition in file Solve.h.

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template<class MTH, class M, class R>
Solve (M &A, R &B)

Function Documentation

template<class MTH, class M, class R>
R Solve ( M &  A,
R &  B 

Resolution of A X = B by the method MTH(). Calling the function solve(MTH(),X.rep(),A.rep(),B.rep()), where X is a copy of B. Example:

   B1 := Solve<LU>(A,B0);

Definition at line 25 of file Solve.h.

References solve().

Referenced by fast_solve(), New_solve(), solve_in_range(), Solve_with_sign(), Solve_with_subres(), and trivial_solve().