Workshop on tensors and interpolation

June 10-11-12, 2009, Nice, France.


Organisators: P. Comon, B. Mourrain, C. Simpson

Tensors appear in many problems in computer science and mathematics. The most famous family of tensors is certainly the family of matrices to which a huge amount of work has already been devoted. But there is nowadays an increasing interest in higher order tensors, since they show up in many applications: Statistics, Electrical engineering, Antenna Array Processing, Telecommunications, Chemometrics, Psychometrics, Data Analysis. Independent Component Analysis, Shape analysis, Complexity theory ... From a theoretical point of view, their study is also raising interesting and still unsolved problems connected to interpolation problems, Hilbert schemes, Secant varieties, Gorenstein Algebra, ... Tensor algebra plays an important role in modern algebraic topology, deformation theory, and the theory of operads.

The focus of this workshop is on higher order tensors such as symmetric tensors known as polynomials, antisymetric or tensors associated with general multilinear operators and its dual view via interpolation problems. In parallel the role of tensor algebras in algebraic topology will be explored, with an eye towards the interactions between these subjects.

More specifically but non-exhaustively, the topics include

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The lectures will take place at the Lab. J.A. Dieudonn├ę, Mathematics Dep., University of Nice, in the main conference room (building W below):

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